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EP.01 – The Three Friends

After a seven-year-long relationship, Jin Joo finally breaks up with her boyfriend. She starts her career at Writer Jung’s workroom. Eun Jung is eager to make her own documentary and meets Investor Hong Dae who changes her life. Meanwhile, Han Joo is struggling between her job and taking care of her son.

EP.02 – Jin Joo Gets Fired

Jin Joo meets Bum Soo at the TV station and gets a unique impression. Eun Jung tries various things to find a subject for a new documentary. Han Joo gets in trouble because of the busy schedule. Meanwhile, Jin Joo upsets Ms. Jung and gets fired. She enjoys free but anxious time.

EP.03 – Work And Relationships

Jin Joo gets an offer from Bum Soo to work together. However, she faces an unexpected obstacle. Do Yeon still refuses to eat fried chicken for the drama, so Han Joo and Jae Hoon do everything they can to convince her. Meanwhile, Eun Jung runs into So Min at a shoot for a TV show she is appearing on and the mood becomes icy.

EP.04 – Hurtful Past Relationships & Awkward Current Relationships

Jin Joo and Bum Soo discuss what happened last night. Their conclusion is to start what they call an awkward relationship. After the talk show airs on television, the viewers’ reactions to Eun Jung and So Min is so great that A Rang suggests that Eun Jung make a documentary about So Min. Meanwhile, Han Joo witnesses Jae Hoon’s girlfriend come to the office and wreak havoc.

EP.05 – Let’s Make it Work

Han Joo sees Ha Yoon with a man at a club. She is worried about Jae Hoon and hesitates to tell him the truth. Eun Jung casts So Min for her new documentary. As she spends time with her, she learns about various sides of her. Meanwhile, Bum Soo and Jin Joo present their drama, but Bum Soo makes an unexpected scene.

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Im Jin-Joo, Lee Eun-Jung and Hwang Han-Joo are buddies and they are all 30-years-old.

Im Jin-Joo is a drama series author. She has psychological ups and downs. Her character is a bit distinct. Although she is a drama series author, she attempts to compose her scripts with a literary design. She likewise makes discussion with an elegant bag in a store window.

Lee Eun-Jung is a documentary director. She has actually taken pleasure in documentaries considering that she was a kid. She runs her own production business and she is the only team member in the business. Among her documentaries ends up being an unanticipated hit.

Hwang Han-Joo is head of a marketing group for a drama series production business. She is a single mom. Hwang Han-Joo has a hard time to stabilize her work and raising a kid.

  • Runtime: Friday & Saturdays 22:00 KST

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