A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun 태양의 계절 Duk Shil

EP.01 – Building a Kingdom

Back when Korea was starting to grow, a man plans to create a company powerful and influential enough to deem it a kingdom. His name is Jang Wol Chun. He plans to make his future grandson to take over the company and become king. He chooses Tae Joon to marry Jung Hee and form a family together. And Tae Joon has the passion and ambition to become an affluent man.

EP.02 – Fraudulent Bookkeeping

Although Yangji Group has become unbelievably big, the company is going through some financial problems. No one is willing to give out loans to the company, and Yangji Group is getting audited. Yoo Wol, one of the auditors, is diligently doing his job and finds the fraudulent bookkeeping done by the company. But he is told by his superiors to turn a blind eye.

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They say greed is a bottomless pit and to fill satisfy their greed, people will get hurt and suffer the consequences. The Yangji family grew alongside the Korean economy and has now become a conglomerate. To seize the next throne, even the family members are willing to fight each other blinded by their greed. The founder wishes to pass the company. The son-in-law dares to defy the head of the house and tries to take over. Due to the power struggles, the lives of two children are forever changed. The story full of love, betrayal, greed, conspiracy, and revenge continues for 20 years and involves 4 generations. Now a man who went bankrupt is going to fight against the odds and aims to become affluent. At the same time, he plans to get his revenge at Yangji family and the woman who abandoned him for a wealthy man.


Kim Yoo-Wol (Oh Chang-Suk) became an orphan and he was raised by foster parents. He worked extremely hard and passed his CPA exam. He enjoys happy days with his girlfriend Yoon Si-Wol (Yoon So-Yi), but he has a near-death experience. He changes his life and goes under the alias of Oh Tae-Yang. He is dead to Yoon Si-Wol.

Meanwhile Yoon Si-Wol, who believes her boyfriend Kim Yoo-Wol is dead, has a difficult time. She begins to work at conglomerate company Yangji Group. There, she meets Oh Tae-Yang.

  • Runtime: Monday – Friday 19:50-20:30

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