Justice EP.07-08– EP.4

Justice 저스티스

EP.07-08– EP.4 – The Missing Girls & Who Killed My Brother?

Tae Kyung finds it odd how his brother’s death and Yang Chul Ki are related in a different alignment of what he knows of. He demands Woo Yong to tell him the truth about his brother’s death. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah faces another murder of someone from Jang Entertainment. She sets off to find how it’s related to the case from seven years ago.

Woo Yong asks Tae Kyung to take a case on workers from Jungjin. Some workers from Jungjin Group had gone blind after working at a methanol factory. Tae Kyung finds it strange for Woo Yong to ask him to take such a case. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah digs into a case of missing actresses over the span of seven years. Could it all be related to Choi Soo Jeong’s murder case?

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Lee Tae-Kyung (Choi Jin-Hyuk) is a star lawyer with the best win rate. He is able to win cases by using his sharp logic and intelligent speeches. Lee Tae-Kyung amasses power and wealth by dealing with clients who are part of the elite class. His cases are usually referred from Song Woo-Yong (Son Hyun-Joo) who is the owner of a construction company. Lee Tae-Kyung gets these high class criminals acquitted or at minimum receive probation. Lee Tae-Kyung first became a lawyer to get revenge for his younger brother, but he has since become focused on money. He changes when he deals with a series of cases involving missing actresses.

Meanwhile, Song Woo-Yong has grown his construction company by funneling criminal cases involving wealthy people to Lee Tae-Kyung. For his family, he desires even more power. He comes into conflict with Lee Tae-Kyung over the cases involving missing actresses.

  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 KST

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