[Engsub] Golden Garden EP.25-26 – EP.13

Golden Garden 황금정원

EP.25-26 – EP.13 – Her Real Name & Dirt on Secretary Han

Secretary Han confronts Hannah Shin about her real name. Although Hannah admits her real name is Shin Nan Sook, she doesn’t comment on Sabina’s identity. Instead, she gives her a proper warning to stop prodding into her past. Meanwhile, Dae Sung thinks Nam Hee may have relapsed, and Nam Hee offers Dong Joo a job at I and K.

Nan Sook tells Sabina what she thinks is dirt on Secretary Han. When she tells her, Sabina considers her father-in-law, Choi Dae Sung, to be the man of Secretary Han’s romance. Later, Sabina tries to find evidence to support her suspicion.

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4 individuals from really various histories with really various characters and also occupations depict the mystical and also secret lives of ladies and also males in their thirties.

Among them is Eun Dong Joo. A hopeful female that has actually withstood ample anger in life. Innocent and also bubbly like a container of soft drink, her life and also presence obtain extracted from her. Sabina, the 2nd female of the 4, swipes Dong Joo’s life. She has an unquenchable crave success and also with her dangerous elegance, she means on taking the globe.

Cha Pil Seung, a guy out of the 4, is an investigative that is cold-hearted when it involves like. And also the last out of the 4 is Choi Joon Ki, a guy that has whatever however love. He devotes whatever to Sabina. Although he takes care of to victory over his hazardous effort, at the end of Dong Joo and also Pil Seung’s steadfast chase, whatever collapses prior to him like a mirage.

With one incredible occasion, the lives of these 4 individuals, Eun Dong Joo, Cha Pil Seung, Sabina, and also Choi Joon Ki, come to be knotted in which it ends up being a transforming factor in each of their lives.

A distressing desire shared by Dong Joo and also Pil Seung quickly expose a terrible key in their memories of 28 years earlier. Because deep key, Sabina and also Choi Joon Ki exist. The hazardous video game in between the ones that conceal and also the ones that chase after starts currently.

Eun Dong-Joo tries to return her swiped life. When she was 6 years-old, she was deserted at an orphanage. She did not keep in mind anything other than her name. In spite of her hard setting, she has actually become a lady with a favorable and also intense individuality.

Cha Pil-Seung is an investigative, that is efficient his task. His moms and dads passed away when he was young and also he was after that elevated by his rich grandma. Although he is prominent with ladies, he does not love any person because of injury from his moms and dads’ fatalities.

  • Runtime: Saturday 21:00-23:00 KST

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