[Engsub] Strangers From Hell EP.01

Strangers From Hell

EP.01 – Eden Studio

On the day before Jong Woo starts working at a new company, he moves into a shabby place named Eden Studio where the residents are given their own small room, but share the kitchen and bathroom. From the first day in the studio, he gets annoyed by his strange neighbours and some pounding noise from upstairs.

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This drama is based on webcomic of the same name by “김용키 / Kim Yong Ki” which was published from 2018-March-10 to 2019-Jan-09 via webtoon.naver.net

Stranger from Hell is a drama regarding various types of people who are involved in mysterious happenings around the main character Jong Woo. As a young man, who has just started his career, gets to meet and live with his strange and intimidating neighbours in an old and shabby studio, he begins to feel confused whether his neighbours are just weird or he’s going crazy. In addition, mysterious things keep happening in the studio, and the residents start to disappear one by one. Will Jong Woo be able to get out of the infernal place in the end?

It tells the story of a young man in his 20’s, who moves to Seoul for a new job and decides to stay in an ominous dormitory. It is the residents of the dormitory that would creep you out.

Yoon Jong-Woo is a man in his 20’s. He has lived in a small town for all of his life, but he gets a job at a small office in Seoul. Yoon Jong-Woo moves out to Seoul and stays at a cheap apartment which shares its kitchen and bathroom with other residents. He doesn’t like staying at the apartment and he doesn’t like the other residents who seem weird and suspicious.

  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20
  • Release Date: August 31, 2019

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