A Piece of Your Mind EP.03

반의 반 / A Piece of Your Mind

EP.03 – Dealing with Grief in Their Own Way

Seo Woo has a tough time after Ji Soo’s accident in Norway. However, she finds herself worrying about Ha Won more than herself and is caught off guard by these emotions. Ha Won wants to know more about Ji Soo through Seo Woo. As they continue to meet, Seo Woo discovers another one of Ha Won’s secrets.

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A Piece of Your Mind tells the romance story between Ha Won (Jung Hae-In) and Han Seo-Woo (Chae Soo-Bin). Ha Won is an AI programmer and he is the founder of M&H Company. He is a consistent person with a good heart. Meanwhile, Han Seo-Woo works as a classical music recording engineer. Her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person.

This drama is a romantic comedy between an AI programmer and a recording engineer.

Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) is an artificial intelligence programmer who founded the company M&H. He is very serious about his work though he seldom gets angry and is known as being a kind person. Meanwhile, Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) is a classical recording engineer who has a positive and bright personality despite her family and social issues. She likes to solve math problems when she is feeling down.

  • Release Date: March 23, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00

반의 반 / A Piece of Your Mind

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