Bad Love EP.01

나쁜 사랑 / Bad Love

EP.01 – Textile Technician

As Eun Hye is pregnant, she wants to tell Jae Hyuk’s parents about the news, so they will approve of their marriage. Knowing his parents, Jae Hyuk disagrees with her suggestion. Meanwhile, Noyu Fashion is struggling to come up with new products and searches for a textile technician that came up with a new type of fabric.

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This drama tells the story of a woman who struggles amidst a big whirlwind of fate, and her unconditional motherly love.

An accident has changed five men and women’s fates. Unlike conventional love stories with lovely memories and anecdotes, their love is judged and frowned upon. Despite the criticisms on them, they can’t stop themselves from desperately loving each other. This is a sad love drama that portrays true love that hurts.

  • Release Date: December 2, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Monday to Friday 07:50

나쁜 사랑 / Bad Love

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