Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life EP.01 – EP.05

사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀 / Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful

EP.01-02 – EP.1 – Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life & Cheong Ah Meets Joon Kyum

It’s the summer of 2009 and Cheong Ah is a senior in high school who is the second of three daughters. Her parents run a small chicken restaurant while her older sister is a news anchor. Cheong Ah doesn’t have any hopes or dreams, and no one knows why, except for a friend she has only talked to via text messages. She skips school and gets on a train to go meet him where she runs into a handsome soldier.

The friend Cheong Ah plans to meet at the train station is Joon Kyum, a boy from a well-off family. The two teens plan to commit suicide together. They enjoy their last meal together and return to the small room they have rented, where Cheong Ah falls asleep. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, Joon Kyum is gone and only a letter remains. Cheong Ah calls her mom for help, who tells her to make everything look like an accident.

EP.03-04 – EP.2 – The Investigation Begins & Jin Woo’s Interest in Seol Ah Grows

Cheong Ah must make a witness statement at the police station about Joon Kyum’s death, but she is still in shock. Her mom takes the lead, making things up as she goes. Judge Hong comes to the police station after identifying her son’s body. She is not only upset about her son’s death, but also suspicious of Cheong Ah’s story.

At home, Cheong Ah confesses why she wanted to end her life. Meanwhile, Seol Ah is searching for a fashion brand that will sponsor her wardrobe, but to no avail. However, Jin Woo overhears Seol Ah talking to the store employee and decides to sponsor her wardrobe personally. Finally, Cheong Ah must sneak out Joon Kyum’s letter from police evidence.

EP.05-06 – EP.3 – Autopsy Request & The Press Get Involved

While Cheong Ah is on her way out of the police station with Joon Kyum’s letter, Judge Hong bursts in wearing her pajamas. Judge Hong tries to search Cheong Ah and when that doesn’t work, she requests an autopsy on Joon Kyum’s body. Meanwhile, Seol Ah pieces together the story and figures out what is going on. Later on, the police come to search Cheong Ah’s room.

Seol Ah sees her mom trying to hide Cheong Ah and Joon Kyum’s phones. She tells her mom that an inquiry at the phone service provider will reveal the call and text histories anyway. Meanwhile, Jin Woo brings in a reporter to spin the story of his cousin’s death in a favorable way to the family business. As the press begins to hound Judge Hong, she reconsiders the investigation.

EP.07-08 – EP.4 – Jun Gyeom’s Funeral & The Proposal

The day of Jun Gyeom’s funeral arrives. Judge Hong calls Cheong Ah’s mom, Young Ae, and finds out that Cheong Ah went to school. However, Cheong Ah shows up at the funeral on her own. Chairwoman Hong, Jun Gyeom’s aunt, takes her anger out on Cheong Ah. Meanwhile, Seol Ah goes on a blind date, but the man who shows up is not the person she expected to see.

Seol Ah’s blind date turns out to be better than she expected. However, when she comes home, she figures out that her date is related to Jun Gyeom. Seol Ah blames Cheong Ah for ruining her chances of marrying a rich man. Meanwhile, Judge Hong invites Cheong Ah to her house and asks to know the truth about Jun Gyeom’s death. Finally, a year goes by and Jun Hwi receives a strange letter.

EP.09-10 – EP.5 – Nine Years Later & Mistaken Identity

Nine years after Jun Gyeom’s death, Cheong Ah studies to become a police officer. She takes the civil service exam for the seventh year running, but things don’t seem to go very well. Still, Cheong Ah tries hard, remembering Jun Gyeom’s last words to her. Meanwhile, Seol Ah lives a harrowing life as Vice Chairman Do Jin U’s wife, because she still doesn’t have a baby.

Cheong Ah’s friend Baek Rim asks her to fill in for him on a part-time job. She goes to the park, dressed as Mr. Lightning, to hand out flyers. Meanwhile, Jun Hwi, who now works at Inter Market’s Sports Marketing Department, is at the same park for a promotional event. Jun Hwi mistakes Cheong Ah as someone his team hired for the event. Finally, Seol Ah gets shocking news while visiting the hospital.

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This drama tells the story of four people who seek for love and happiness. Life is hard, but finding love and happiness can seem nearly impossible. That’s why some, like Kim Sul Ah have decided to focus on a career, rather than waste time and energy on relationships that inevitably end in disaster. A successful career woman, Sul Ah seems to have it all together on the outside, but on the inside, she still longs for the one thing that will make her truly happy.

But Sul Ah isn’t the only one struggling. The eldest son of his family, Moon Tae Rang, is a young chef struggling to support the people he loves most while attempting to follow his dreams. He sincerely loves his family, but they have a way of making life difficult at times.

Kim Chung Ah knows all about difficult. Having spent the past eight years studying for the civil service exam, she has given up on any hopes of dating and marriage. As much as she would love to get married and have a family someday, the only thing she has time to think about now is working hard so she can pass the upcoming exam.

On the other end of the spectrum, Goo Joon Hwi has absolutely no interest in marriage, relationships, or other people’s affairs. Completely focused on himself and his work, Joon Hwi could happily spend the rest of his life alone, or so he thought…

Setting out on an unexpected journey towards love, four souls find that love and happiness often show up in life when you least expect them.

“Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” follows four people as they seek love and happines.

Kim Seol-A worked as an announcer in her past. She is ambitious and she is married to Do Jin-Woo. He is the CEO of a company.

Moon Tae-Rang is a chef. He is the oldest brother from a family that consists of adoptees.

Moon Hae-Rang is Moon Tae-Rang’s younger sister. She works as a secretary for Do Jin-Woo.

Chung-ah is a kind-hearted young woman, struggling with unemployment. She doesn’t have time to invest in a romantic relationship, because she’s too busy to find a job. One day, she meets Joon-hui, a wealthy yet selfish and calculating man. Joon-hui despises the idea of marriage. Despite the polar-opposite personalities, the two gradually get closer to each other. Meanwhile, Sul-ah, Chung-an’s sister, is a TV anchor-turned-social media star and the wife of an incredibly rich man. As the very definition of “marrying up,” she feels accomplished but somewhat hallowed. She finds a possibility for a change when she meets Tae-rang, a down-to-earth chef. Through him, Sul-ah gradually realizes what the true love is.

  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 KST
  • Release Date: September 28, 2019

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