Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life EP.69-70 – EP.35

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

EP.69-70 – EP.35 – Seol Ah’s New Radio Show & Si Wol Goes to Inter Market in Search of Answers

As Cheong Ah discovers a shocking connection from the familiar name on Si Wol’s sentencing papers, Jun Hwi is overtaken with jealousy when he sees Cheong Ah and Si Wol in front of the patrol division. Meanwhile, Seol Ah’s new radio show goes on air for the first time and Jin U becomes enraged when he hears an unwelcome voice alongside Seol Ah’s.

Jin U drags Seol Ah out from the radio booth and the two end up arguing. Afterward, Jin U gets drunk and calls Seol Ah from a bar. The next morning, he doesn’t remember what he said to Seol Ah, nor why Hae Rang is asleep in his house. Meanwhile, Si Wol searches Yu Ra’s name online and finds a connection to Inter Market. He goes to the Inter Market building in search of answers.

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This drama tells the story of four people who seek for love and happiness. Life is hard, but finding love and happiness can seem nearly impossible. That’s why some, like Kim Sul Ah have decided to focus on a career, rather than waste time and energy on relationships that inevitably end in disaster. A successful career woman, Sul Ah seems to have it all together on the outside, but on the inside, she still longs for the one thing that will make her truly happy.

But Sul Ah isn’t the only one struggling. The eldest son of his family, Moon Tae Rang, is a young chef struggling to support the people he loves most while attempting to follow his dreams. He sincerely loves his family, but they have a way of making life difficult at times.

Kim Chung Ah knows all about difficult. Having spent the past eight years studying for the civil service exam, she has given up on any hopes of dating and marriage. As much as she would love to get married and have a family someday, the only thing she has time to think about now is working hard so she can pass the upcoming exam.

On the other end of the spectrum, Goo Joon Hwi has absolutely no interest in marriage, relationships, or other people’s affairs. Completely focused on himself and his work, Joon Hwi could happily spend the rest of his life alone, or so he thought…

Setting out on an unexpected journey towards love, four souls find that love and happiness often show up in life when you least expect them.

“Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” follows four people as they seek love and happines.

Kim Seol-A worked as an announcer in her past. She is ambitious and she is married to Do Jin-Woo. He is the CEO of a company.

Moon Tae-Rang is a chef. He is the oldest brother from a family that consists of adoptees.

Moon Hae-Rang is Moon Tae-Rang’s younger sister. She works as a secretary for Do Jin-Woo.

Chung-ah is a kind-hearted young woman, struggling with unemployment. She doesn’t have time to invest in a romantic relationship, because she’s too busy to find a job. One day, she meets Joon-hui, a wealthy yet selfish and calculating man. Joon-hui despises the idea of marriage. Despite the polar-opposite personalities, the two gradually get closer to each other. Meanwhile, Sul-ah, Chung-an’s sister, is a TV anchor-turned-social media star and the wife of an incredibly rich man. As the very definition of “marrying up,” she feels accomplished but somewhat hallowed. She finds a possibility for a change when she meets Tae-rang, a down-to-earth chef. Through him, Sul-ah gradually realizes what the true love is.

  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 KST
  • Release Date: September 28, 2019

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