Catch The Ghost EP.12

유령을 잡아라! / Catch the Ghost!

EP.12 – The One That Got Away

Ryung and Ji Seok save Choi Do Chul just in time. Throughout their investigation, Ji Seok miraculously learns to appreciate Ryung’s over-the-top nature. Meanwhile, a star professional fighter becomes the PR Ambassador for the Subway Police. By chance, Ryung comes across his dirty secret and the Wangsoori Subway Police finally get a lead on the Grasshoppers.

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The citizens of Seoul usually divide the city into north and south of the Han River. However, this city is technically divided into above and below ground. The world’s third-largest subway system transports eight million people each day. This enormous subway system has created an underground world, including a world of crime. This drama shows crime that could happen to anyone on any given day and the Subway Police who protect citizens as they travel below ground. Mostly, they deal with pickpockets and sexual harassment, but newbie Officer Yoo Ryung is after a much bigger case.

Yoo-Ryung is a rookie detective. Her twin sister with autism has gone missing. To find her sister, Yoo-Ryung applies to the subway police team. Yoo-Ryung has exceptional space perception. She solves cases using her exceptional space perception and strong sense of justice. Her partner detective is often busy cleaning up behind her.



  • Release Date: October 21, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30

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