Diary of a Prosecutor EP.01 – EP.05

검사내전 / Diary of a Prosecutor

EP.01 – Welcome to Jinyeong Branch

Sun Woong, a prosecutor at the Jinyeong Branch in the southernmost of Korea introduces his workplace. The case he’s working on now is a dispute between a shaman and his customer. They believe he didn’t perform exorcism after being paid, but the shaman himself disagrees. He’s performed in at least 21 times. As the investigation carries on, Sun Woong does recognize the shaman’s abilities. But something doesn’t seem right.

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EP.02 – Myung Ju Comes to Jinyeong Branch

Sun Woong is surprised to see Myung Ju, an old acquaintance he’s known since in college years. She’s pretty, smart, and one of the most competent prosecutors in Korea. Everyone at the Jinyeong Branch start to wonder what must’ve caused her to come all the way down to this countryside.

EP.03 – Don’t Fall for Her Act

Jung Woo gets to work with Myung Ju. On his first day in Myung Ju’s office, an old lady wearing shabby clothes comes to the office. He falls for the old lady’s act, and that’s when Myung Ju shows up to set things right. Meanwhile, Jong Hak is heavily stressed out from work and pressured by his colleagues and supervisor, and he ends up falling ill and being taken to the hospital.

EP.04 – Sun Woong & Myung Ju Working Together on the Same Cases

A middle-aged man named Kim Young Choon is arrested after he assaulted his boss in the middle of the night. He is also known to have committed the obstruction of business against his boss. Two charges are filed against Kim Young Choon. Sun Woong and Myung Ju are asked to work together to dig in the cases and reach an agreement on the punishment for Kim Young Choon’s doing.

EP.05 – Myung Ju Goes Undercover

Criminal Department 2 comes across an unexpected tip about a hidden gambling den in the mountains. They decide to send someone to the gambling den undercover, but the only person whose face is unfamiliar to the target is Myung Ju. However, she does not know a thing about gambling. Sun Woong and the team must turn Myung Ju into a gambler overnight.

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“Diary of a Prosecutor ” depicts the everyday lives of prosecutors who work like salarymen.

Lee Sun-Woong works as a prosecutor in the district office in Jinyoung. He seems relaxed and doesn’t appear to have a desire to succeed.

Cha Myung-Joo is an elite prosecutor on the fast track in the Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul. One day, she is suddenly transferred to the district public prosecutor’s office in Jinyoung.

Many prosecutors depicted on TV are either courageous warriors fighting against injustice, or cunning foxes who only care about their own well-beings. Neither perfectly captures the real lives prosecutors face on a daily basis. Take a look at the prosecutors in this drama. The prosecutor general never visits this Jinyeong Branch located by the South Sea of Korea. The cases they face may seem quite peculiar and rubbish compared to the complicated cases in Seoul, but justice seems much in hand around here. This drama is about the uncovered, never-been-told stories of the prosecutors who live quite afar from the prosecutors we mainly see under the spotlight. Prosecutors, just like anyone of us, are also ordinary people who wrestle with life more than lawsuits.

  • Release Date: December 16, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30

검사내전 / Diary of a Prosecutor

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