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Mother of Mine – Sun Ja Falls Ill & Mi Ri is Pregnant

As Mi Sun tells Sun Ja that she is quitting her job and that she almost lost Da Bin, Sun Ja gets very upset. In the meantime, Mi Ri faces Na Hye Mi, who seems to have found out the truth about Mi Ri and In Suk’s relationship. However, Tae Ju interferes and puts a stop to Hye Mi’s suspicions for now. Meanwhile, Sun Ja becomes very sick and both Woo Jin and Jae Bum come to take her to the hospital.

Sun Ja is taken to Jae Bum’s father’s hospital where Mi Hye faces an awkward situation with Jae Bum. Meanwhile, Mi Ri takes a home pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. Na Do Jin goes to see In Suk’s younger brother and asks about Seung Yeon’s whereabouts. As Tae Ju learns that In Suk had once tried to end her life, he declares that he intends to never see his father again.

  • EP.81: 21.8%
  • EP.82: 27.7%

Doctor John – Yo Han Goes Inside the Center & Si Young’s Confession

Yo Han wants to go inside the center, but Seok tells him no one can enter the center under any circumstances. Yo Han goes inside the center despite Seok’s opposition, and Si Young worries about him since the virus can be dangerous to him. Meanwhile, Yo Han keeps trying to diagnose the suspected patient’s disease.

Heo Jun tries to cure his patient’s phantom limb pain. Si Young worries about Yo Han, so she checks his BP and pulse to see if his condition is fine. Si Young wants to understand Yo Han, but Yo Han tells her that she can’t understand him. Meanwhile, Seok Ki goes to Death Talk’s gathering, and he gets to meet one person who is critically ill.

  • EP.15: 7.3%
  • EP.16: 10.1%

Golden Garden – The Nightmares & The Archives

It’s the anniversary of Pil Seung’s parents’ death, and both Pil Seung and Dong Joo have reoccurring nightmares. Pil Seung recognizes a song that Dong Joo sings and tells her that it was a song that his late father wrote for the Golden Garden. Later, the similarity in their nightmare gets Pil Seung to make a connection between Dong Joo and him. Meanwhile, Sabina and her mother arrive at I and K to meet with Chairwoman Jin.

Pil Seung and Dong Joo search for records of the Golden Garden Fireflies Festival at I and K but find a missing page. When they bump into Sabina, they accuse her of taking it. Meanwhile, Nan Sook shows Chairwoman Jin a necklace she gave her 28 years ago.

Golden Garden – Dong Joo’s Father & Dong Joo and Pil Seung Get Close

Pil Seung gives Dong Joo a picture of her dad. At the same time, Nan Sook gives a picture of the same man to Sabina. Dong Joo plans to find more information on her father, and Sabina photoshops Dong Joo’s face with hers. Meanwhile, Nam Hee decides to give her consent to Joon Ki and Sabina’s marriage.

Nam Hee regains her strength, and Dong Joo promises to take the kids on a safari. Dae Sung tries to win back Nam Hee once more, and Pil Seung gives Dong Joo some money for the kids. Meanwhile, Sabina and Joon Ki prepare for their wedding.


Be Melodramatic – Jin Joo Gets Fired

Jin Joo meets Bum Soo at the TV station and gets a unique impression. Eun Jung tries various things to find a subject for a new documentary. Han Joo gets in trouble because of the busy schedule. Meanwhile, Jin Joo upsets Ms. Jung and gets fired. She enjoys free but anxious time.

  • EP.02: 1.0%

Watcher – Young Goon in Danger

Soo Yeon notices that Young Goon has found out that she was a spy. She tells Young Goon how and why she started spying on the team. Meanwhile, Young Goon gets attacked by an unidentified assailant while he is checking what’s inside in the ledger. The assailant tries to kill Young Goon, but he resists.

Hotel Del Luna – Where Are You, Man Weol?

Hotel Del Luna disappears overnight. Chan Seong begins to trace Man Weol. The hotel staffers are having difficulty in dealing with all the work without Chan Seong. Meanwhile, Hyun Joong and Yu Na meet a group of spirits in the mountains on their way to the new hotel.

  • EP.09: 8.349%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon – The Path You Can’t Avoid

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