Drama Rating August 11th 2019

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Mother of Mine – In Suk Faces The Chairman’s Wrath & Chairman Han’s Suspicion Is Confirm

After Tae Ju’s outburst, Chairman Han collapses. When Mi Ri gets a call from Tae Ju, she hides her pregnancy from him. Meanwhile, Jae Bum’s proposal to Mi Hye is promptly rejected and Mi Hye returns home to find Woo Jin there, drunk and asleep. Finally, In Suk is found and dragged in front of Chairman Han who demands that she tell him the truth about Kang Mi Ri’s identity.

When Jae Bum comes to say his farewell, Sun Ja finds out what happened between Jae Bum and Mi Hye at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mi Sun quits her job and tells her parents-in-law, who are both angry and worried. As Chairman Han continues to badger In Suk for answers about her daughter, Mi Ri slowly begins preparing to become a mother. In Suk finally gives in and blurts out the truth.

  • EP.83: 26.7%
  • EP.84: 31.9%


Watcher – Behind The Mask

Tae Joo has Jae Sik erase the blood splatters the culprit left on the wall so that the police cannot obtain the murderer’s blood sample. She tells Chi Gwang that she will find and get her revenge on the culprit on her own. Finally, the culprit who killed Jae Myung shows up in Chi Gwang’s office.

Hotel Del Luna – Chairman Wang’s Offer

Man Weol realizes that Yeon Woo has reincarnate as a man named Yeong Su and is now a detective in this world. Mi Ra runs into Yeong Su on the street. Meanwhile, Chairman Wang says that he would like to arrange a date between his granddaughter and Chan Seong. Will Chan Seong accept the offer?

  • EP.10: 10.009%

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