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Welcome 2 Life – Please Find My Daughter & Si On’s Dream

Jae Sang finds out that he was threatened by Hongwoo Group in the parallel world as well. He concludes that he and his real self in the two different worlds are related. Meanwhile, Jae Sang and his team members start to look into a new case where a blind man’s daughter has gone missing.

Jae Sang and his team members continuously work on finding Noh Yeong Mi. Jae Sang learns what Noh Yeong Mi had to go through and how much she had to suffer because of her family’s debt before going missing. Meanwhile, Si On has a nightmare where her head was bleeding.

  • EP.05: 4.4%
  • EP.06: 5.6%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Jobless Again & A Thief Breaks into Yi Young’s House

As soon as Yi Young wakes up in a hospital ward, she goes straight to the orchestra. However, she is informed that Ju Wan has changed the score and the orchestra doesn’t need her to play the timpani anymore. She gets depressed and ignores the evening calls from Yoon. But then she receives a call from Eun Ju.

Yi Young asks Ju Wan to let her work for him and the orchestra. Ju Wan accepts her request and hires her as his assistant. Meanwhile, when Yi Young stays at home at night, a thief breaks into her house. Yoon captures the thief for Yi Young, but his hand gets injured. And Yoon takes Yi Young to a villa in a suburb.

Home for Summer – Yeo Reum’s Birthday

Sang Mi is anxious that Jun Ho might leave her, and Yong Jin asks Gyeong Ae for a divorce. Meanwhile, Geum Hui plans to go camping with Yeo Reum to celebrate his birthday, and Sang Won comes along to help.

A Place in the Sun – Saying Goodbye

Shi Wol feels anxious about sending Ji Min to the US by himself, but she tries not to let on in front of him. Meanwhile, Tae Yang realizes that Duk Shil feels lonely in their marriage. He tells Duk Shil that he loves her in the best way he can, and she feels grateful for even just that. Finally, Ji Min tries to say goodbye to Tae Yang before his departure.

  • EP.49: 11.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 35: Presidential Candidate

Yeong-seok has cutting words for Park Mu-jin. Despite Ju-seung’s counsel, Yeong-jin starts preparing his candidate. Na-gyeong tries to assure Han-mo.

  • EP.13: 4.778%

At Eighteen – Romeo and Juliet

Soo Bin’s mom isn’t pleased when she finds out that the boy who carried Soo Bin to the nurse’s office is a kid who was forced to transfer. Jun Woo overhears Soo Bin’s mom telling Soo Bin to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Hwi Young’s mistake puts him in danger of losing the first place spot to Sang Hoon.

  • EP.07: 3.150%

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