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Welcome 2 Life – Yulgaek Represents Jo Ae Suk & Yulgaek Represents Jo Ae Suk

Jae Sang’s team brings in Jo Ae Suk as a prime suspect of the Noh Yeong Mi case for an interrogation. She is accompanied by the defense counsel from Yulgaek Law Firm to the station. And Jae Sang who is well aware of Yulgaek’s protocol comes up with a countermeasure.

The truth behind Noh Yeong Mi’s death is revealed. Jae Sang’s team finds out that Jo Ae Suk, those loan sharks, and even Pastor Park are all involved with Sonamu Welfare Foundation. Also, they find out how Jang Do Sik could receive a nomination for the election for mayor.

  • EP.07: 4.2%
  • EP.08: 5.0%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Welcoming Party & Who Are You, Yoon?

Yoon tells someone on the phone that Yi Young cannot remember anything about the accident that she was involved one year ago. Ju Wan says that he will throw a welcoming party for Yi Young. Meanwhile, Soo Young is forced by her mother to go on a blind date, but a guy in a sweatsuit shows up in front of her.

Yoon and Yi Young go out at night and share their stories of childhood and family. Next day, Yi Young catches a thief who tries to steal a purse of a member of the orchestra. Meanwhile, Eun Ju remembers that she has met Yoon before. Then, she goes straight to Yoon’s house and asks him why he joined the orchestra.

Home for Summer – Jun Ho Misses Geum Hui

Jun Ho regrets marrying Sang Mi, and can’t help but to orbit around Geum Hui. He spots Sang Won hanging out with Geum Hui and Yeo Reum and warns Sang Won to stay low. Sang Won lashes back at him, telling him to commit himself to his new family.

A Place in the Sun – The Plot

Shi Wol realizes that sending Ji Min abroad was Kwang Il’s way of keeping her mouth shut and receives quite a shock. Meanwhile, Tae Yang finishes preparing for the shareholders meeting which is looking very favorable to him. He spends some quality time with Set Byul on the evening before the meeting. Feeling anxious, Tae Joon calls Mi Ran to ask her to stop Tae Yang from attending the meeting.

  • EP.50: 11.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 34: The Outcome

As his advisers wonder whether Park Mu-jin is making decisions as an acting president or as a candidate, Yeong-seok informs him about his intentions.

  • EP.14: 4.948%

At Eighteen – The Moment of Your First Love

Mr. Oh decides to invite the parents and hold an open class, thinking it is a good opportunity to prove that he is capable. After the open class, Jun Woo works up his courage to finally ask Soo Bin out on a date. Meanwhile, Sang Hoon, who feels that he is being robbed of his first place spot, takes matters into his own hands. Hwi Young witnesses the lengths his parents will go to and feels sad and ashamed.

  • EP.08: 3.560%

Source: AGB Nielson

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