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Major Broadcast

Justice – Secret Path of Namwon Restaurant & Relationship Between Dae Jin & Tae Ju

Hyun Woo gets arrested by Ju Deok all of a sudden, and Yeon Ah doesn’t understand why Ju Deok is in charge of Hyun Woo. Tae Kyung tells Hyun Woo that he knows what’s in the USB. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah and Tae Kyung go to Namwon Restaurant together to find out the clue.

Dae Jin gets to see a picture of Tae Ju, and he recognize him right away because Tae Ju was Dae Jin’s friend who helped him when he was having a hard time. Tae Kyung and Yeon Ah realize the real purpose of Namwon Restaurant. Meanwhile, Tae Kyung asks Woo Yong why he killed Tae Ju.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Yi Rim gets a visit from Queen Dowager Im. The historians face a dilemma about their duty to record. Yi Jin approaches U-won with a delicate request.

  • EP.17: 4.1%
  • EP.18: 6.2%

Doctor Detective – Joong Eun & Min Ki in Disguise & Hye Mi’s Wish

To find the concrete evidence against TL, Joong Eun and Min Ki sneak into the factory, pretending to be part-time workers. And they manage to secure the evidence. Il Sun goes to visit her boss with the evidence. Meanwhile, Gon wakes up. Min asks him about the blackmail letter, but he doesn’t say anything.

Min Ki goes to the hospital to see Hye Mi. He soon breaks out into tears, but he pretends that he’s not crying. Joong Eun also visits Hye Mi on her birthday and takes her to the beach. Meanwhile, someone breaks windows of UDC building. When everyone is in shock, a blackmail note is found.

  • EP.17: 4.0%
  • EP.18: 4.4%

Home for Summer – The Side Dishes

Geum Dong secretly works a part-time job to help out Sue Yeon. Yong Jin asks Jun Ho to put himself in his shoes and to give Sang Mi a second chance. Meanwhile, Gyeong Ae storms
over to Sang Won’s restaurant after hearing that Geum Hui had made side dishes for Sang Won to eat.

A Place in the Sun – The Accident

Duk Shil finds Set Byul after the accident. Tae Yang misses the shareholders meeting, and Tae Joon gets control of the management. He lets Mi Ran go after hearing the news, and Shi Wol is worried about Tae Yang. Kwang Il tells Shi Wol to stay quiet until he becomes the confirmed successor.

  • EP.51: 12.2%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – I Gyeong’s Stage

I Gyeong’s first performance goes viral online, but she doesn’t want to keep doing music. Tae Kang tries to prove that I Gyeong does not have the first-grade soul by testing her. Meanwhile, I Gyeong and Lucca run into each other in front of Seo Dong Cheon’s old house. They share their stories of how they got to know about Seo Dong Cheon.

    • EP.05: 1.907%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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