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Major Broadcast

Justice – Tae Kyung Warns Woo Young & Whereabouts of the USB

Dae Jin goes to Tae Ju’s cemetery with Woo Yong, and they get to encounter Tae Kyung there. Tae Kyung warns Woo Yong to bring Young Mi back. Yeon Ah, Tae Kyung, and Dong Hyuk start to work together on Young Mi’s case. Woo Yong tells Soo Ho that he should let Young Mi go, but Soo Ho doesn’t want to.

Tae Kyung tells Dae Jin that he can stop coming to the office, and Dae Jin thinks something is going on between Tae Kyung and Woo Yong. Dong Suk tells Nam Sik to stop Yeon Ah from digging into Ahyeon-dong Murder Case. Meanwhile, Tae Kyung realizes where the USB is.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

An unexpected appeal is presented to Yi Jin, which forces U-won into a difficult position. Yi Rim asks Hae-ryung her opinion about the other historians.

  • EP.19: 4.2%
  • EP.20: 6.5%

Doctor Detective – Joong Eun Turns to UDC for Help & Arsenic

Chairman Choi shows Joong Eun the threatening letter he had received, and Tae Young tells her that the strand of hair found in the letter was Seo Rin’s. With the circumstances implicating her as a possible suspect, Joong Eun turns to Il Sun for help, bringing her back to UDC. However, the fact this case is for TL’s aid causes the members to hesitate about taking on the task.

The UDC start to dig into the threatening letter case and presume it was from a victim of an industrial accident case against TL. After narrowing down cases after 1998 involving arsenic, UDC members split up and visit victims that could be suspects. Meanwhile, Joong Eun gets a lead with an old man’s recollection.

  • EP.19: 4.4%
  • EP.20: 4.1%

Home for Summer – Employee-Employer Relarions

Jun Ho returns to Sang Mi’s house, but he tells her to put off having a baby. Geum Ju puts Seok Ho in an awkward position to get her parents approval of their relationship. Meanwhile, Geum Hui tells Sang Won to keep their relationship as employee-employer and defines their boundaries.

A Place in the Sun – Deep Sorrow

Tae Yang is in deep sorrow because of Set Byul and nothing could console him. In order to officially make Kwang Il become the successor, Tae Joon decides to merge Logis and Yangji Corporation, and he will make Kwang Il divorce Shi Wol once the merger is complete.

  • EP.52: 11.8%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – A Bird in a Cage

Despite the controversy about I Gyeong’s past, Ha Rip decides to sign her as Soul Entertainment’s artist. I Gyeong is happy because she can finally fulfill her dream as a singer, but she doesn’t know the real plan Ha Rip has on his mind. Meanwhile, Ha Rip, I Gyeong and Lucca are preparing for I Gyeong’s first busking.

    • EP.06: 2.120%

Class of Lies

    • EP.10: 3.563%

Level Up

    • EP.12: 1.0%

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