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Mother of Mine – The Family Votes on a Husband for Mi Hye & Sun Ja & In Suk Becoming Grandmothers

Mi Ri stops In Suk from committing suicide by telling In Suk that she is having a baby. Meanwhile, Sun Ja’s family puts the matter of who should be Mi Hye’s husband to a vote. Later on, as Mi Sun enjoys her time as a stay-at-home mom, Jin Soo is transferred to Mi Sun’s old workplace. In Suk recovers in the hospital, but she is still in a vulnerable state.

Tae Ju brings In Suk to a place he prepared for her and Mi Ri to stay at for the time being. As things between them are not the most pleasant, Mi Ri tells In Suk to stick around to be a grandmother for her baby. Later on, Mi Ri goes to visit Sun Ja and tells her the good news of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Na Hye Mi and Do Jin conspire to have Tae Ju kicked out and to take more power for themselves.

  • EP.85: 23.7%
  • EP.86: 27.4%

Doctor John – Yo Han Opens His Mind to Si Young & The Results of Yo Han’s Checkup

Yo Han suddenly feels dizzy during the presentation. At that moment, Si Young comes up to the stage and continues the presentation. Yo Han admits that he needs her help, and he goes to his doctor to have a comprehensive check-up. Meanwhile, Seok Ki goes to the exhibition and finds a suspicious painting.

Si Young and the other doctors in the Pain Management Center want to grant Ri Hye’s wish, and Ri Hye wants to see her son. Tae Kyung prepares for the ethics commission and the board meeting to elect a new chairman. Meanwhile, the results of Yo Han’s checkup come out, but the results are not good.

  • EP.19: 6.5%
  • EP.20: 9.4%

Golden Garden – Sabina And Joon Ki’s Wedding & Dong Joo Learns Her Mother’s Name

Sabina tells Nan Sook about Reverend Kim and worries it might cause everything to collapse. Sabina and Joon Ki have a small wedding, but Nan Sook decides not to attend fearing that she might see the reverend. Meanwhile, Pil Seung contemplates whether he likes Dong Joo or not.

Dong Joo meets Reverend Kim Soo Na who tells her that Shin Nan Sook is her mother. Unfortunately, her name is all that she remembers and has no other information for Dong Joo. Sabina who had just walked in with Nam Hee is shocked at hearing the name and starts to worry. Meanwhile, Pil Seung heads down to Aram Orphanage to find out more about Dong Joo.

  • EP.17: 4.3%
  • EP.18: 6.8%

Golden Garden – Nan Sook Slips Away & Nan Sook Meets Reverend Kim

After hearing from the reverend that she saw her mother, Dong Joo rushes over to Sabina and Joon Ki’s wedding. However, Nan Sook slips out before she arrives. As she leaves, she accidentally drives into the reverend’s car and leaves a note without her knowing it was the reverend’s. After the wedding, Nam Hee decides to give Dae Sung another chance and forgives him.

Pil Seung takes Dong Joo and the two children to the forest. Like a happy family, they take pictures for Mid Eum’s summer homework. And when Pil Seung sees Dong Joo in the sunlight, he notices her charm. Meanwhile, Nan Sook heads to meet up with the car owner she crashed into, while Reverend Kim sends a photo of Nan Sook to Dong Joo telling her that she is her mom.


Be Melodramatic – Hurtful Past Relationships & Awkward Current Relationships

Jin Joo and Bum Soo discuss what happened last night. Their conclusion is to start what they call an awkward relationship. After the talk show airs on television, the viewers’ reactions to Eun Jung and So Min is so great that A Rang suggests that Eun Jung make a documentary about So Min. Meanwhile, Han Joo witnesses Jae Hoon’s girlfriend come to the office and wreak havoc.

  • EP.04: 1.5%

Watcher – Appearance of Lawyer Yoon Ji Hoon

Chi Gwang finds it suspicious that Ji Hoon suddenly shows up to represent Jin Woo when Ji Hoon was also a victim of the Jang Society. Chi Gwang orders Soo Yeon to check what Ji Hoon has been up to so far. Meanwhile, Young Goon looks for the medical records of patients who were treated at a clinic. Then he comes across the name of Ji Hoon.

Hotel Del Luna – Lunar Eclipse

Man Weol and Chan Seong start to date without telling anyone in the hotel. A lunar eclipse occurs in 39 years, and humans get to see the presence of Hotel Del Luna. To greet special guests visiting on the day of the lunar eclipse, Chan Seong opens the door of Room 404. Meanwhile, Seol Ji Won, the serial killer, looks for Yu Na.

  • EP.11: 8.590%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon – The Night I Fell After Trusting You

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