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Mother of Mine – The Meaning of Marriage & Family & Sun Ja Goes to the Doctor

Tae Ju declares to Chairman Han that he will give up becoming the heir to the Hansung Group fortune. Afterward, Tae Ju and Mi Ri visit the ox-bone soup restaurant where Sun Ja is happy and excited for their baby. Meanwhile, Mi Sun is called to help her mother-in-law with house chores as Jin Soo kisses up to the boss at work. Also, Mi Hye and Woo Jin continue to contemplate what marriage means to each of them.

Chairman Han tells Na Do Jin to go back to work at Hansung Apparel and Na Hye Mi takes the opportunity to keep pushing the chairman into cutting Tae Ju out of the picture for good. Meanwhile, Tae Ju is excited about the baby and goes shopping to prepare for the baby’s arrival. As Woo Jin and Mi Hye argue about their different opinions about marriage, Sun Ja goes to see a doctor about her persistent cough.

  • EP.87: 27.8%
  • EP.88: 33.5%


Watcher – Who Murdered Young Goon’s Mother

Chi Gwang finds out where Tae Joo and Young Goon are taken hostage by Yoon Ji Hoon. When Soo Yeon and Jae Sik arrive at the scene, Yoon Ji Hoon has already left. Meanwhile, Chi Gwang learns who killed Young Goon’s mother by torturing Jin Woo. And Hae Ryong’s daughter shows up at the police station.

Hotel Del Luna – Ill-fated Relationship

Chan Seong is attacked by the serial killer, Seol Ji Won. Man Weol keeps calling Chan Seong, but he won’t answer. Man Weol thinks that something bad has happened to him. Then, Yu Na tells that she has seen an ambulance take a man to the hospital. Everyone at the hotel starts to worry about Chan Seong.

  • EP.12: 10.407%

Source: AGB Nielson

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