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Major Broadcast

Justice – The Struggle Between Soo Ho & Tae Kyung & Soo Ho’s Threat

Tae Kyung looks into Soo Ho’s past, and he finds out one strange accident happened when Soo Ho was in elementary school. Tae Kyung gets to know the exact reason why Yeon Ah got demoted four years ago. Tae Kyung wants to fight against Jungjin, but Woo Yong wants him to do as he says.

Yeon Ah meets Young Mi to ask her about Cha Eun Bi, but Young Mi tells her that she knows nothing. Tae Kyung goes to a hotel to have a meeting with the lawyer from Inchang, and he gets to see Woo Yong there. Tae Kyung doesn’t want to drop the lawsuit, and Soo Ho gets annoyed.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung is damned for composing a charm. Yi Jin asks Sa-hui why she selected to come to be a chronicler. Hae-ryung and also Yi Rim find themselves in a bind.

    • EP.11: 4.7%
    • EP.12: 6.9%

Doctor Detective – Mercury Poisoning & A Distrubing Letter

Tae Young tells Joong Eun to expose TL Group’s coverup behind the mercury poisoning and to bring down Moh Sung Kuk. To find evidence of mercury poisoning, Joong Eun and Min Ki strategize, execute, and acquire Kim Do Hyeong’s blood sample. Later, they sneak back into the abandoned building in Namil.

UDC members celebrate a job well done solving the mercury poisoning case, but it’s not for long. TL has its way and meddles with the media to coverup the story, eluding attention on their biotech complex. Meanwhile, Choi Gon, TL’s chairman, receives a disturbing letter he keeps under wraps.

    • EP.11: 4.3%
    • EP.12: 3.8%

Home for Summer – Bug Found in Dish

A short article relating to a bug discovered in a meal served at Sang Won’s dining establishment offers a destructive blow. Geum Hui thinks it became part of Gyeong Ae’s strategy to get her to stop. Gyeong Ae uses Seon Gyeong an opportunity to study abroad with Sang Won, and Sang Mi searches for a method to expose her miscarriage to Jun Ho.

A Place in the Sun – Warrant

Kwang Il is mad at Tae Yang and the two has a fight. Tae Yang senses there is something going on between Kwang Il and Shi Wol, but Shi Wol doesn’t want to tell him and struggle with it alone. Meanwhile, Jae Bok has a gold key that belongs to Chairman Han. Tae Yang thinks it has something to do with the warrant and may help him to get Shimmi Foods back.

  • EP.42: 10.4%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – A Price to Pay For

I Gyeong is a nameless singer-songwriter who has a miserable past. She goes to Ha Rip after finding out he released the song she wrote, and Ha Rip realizes that all his music are stolen and inspirations from others. Out of guilt, Ha Rip wants to terminate the contract. However, there is a price to pay for.

    • EP.02: 2.560%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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