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Welcome 2 Life – Jae Sang’s Decision & Disciplinary Action Against Si On

Si On is upset with Jae Sang for having decided to quit his job and join Yulgaek Law Firm. Even Oh Seok Jun, Jae Sang’s supervisor, tries to persuade Jae Sang, but he won’t listen. Meanwhile, Jae Sang’s team receives a tip from a witness who saw Jang Do Sik and his thugs taking a woman somewhere.

Si On is questioned by two officers from Internal Affairs of the police. They say that they’ve found out Ahn Su Ho is Si On’s brother and that Si On should be punished for her involvement in the mass murder case at her brother’s orphanage. Meanwhile, Jae Sang’s team finds concrete evidence about the suspect of Hye Jung’s death.

  • EP.11: 4.3%
  • EP.12: 4.5%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Rumor about Ian’s Death & Footprints Found in Yi Young’s House

Yi Young is curious about the relationship between her and Ian. Then, she happens to hear a rumor about the truth behind Ian’s death and his family. Meanwhile, Soo Young is worried about Yi Young becoming friends with Yoon. She visits Yoon and warns him that he should keep his distance from Yi Young.

Yi Young goes on a blind date, she keeps thinking of Yoon. She even tells Yoon that she’d like to officially date him. Meanwhile, something ominous begins to happen to Yi Young. She finds someone else’s footprints in her place. She thinks that Jae Hyung broke into her house again, but he denies.

Home for Summer – I Will Find You, Bo Ra.

Sang Won finds out that his mom threatened Bo Ra, his first love, to run away even when she was pregnant with his child. Sang Won is at shock and visits his mother. He tells her to never ever seek to find him again and goes out to find Bo Ra’s whereabouts.

A Place in the Sun – The Secret Falters

Duk Shil finds out that Ji Min is Tae Yang’s son and loses her senses. She sees Tae Yang and Shi Wol at a café together and becomes even angrier, enough to threaten Shi Wol never to meet her husband again. Meanwhile, Jung Hee asks Shi Wol about Tae Yang. As Shi Wol tells her about his childhood, Tae Yang asks Mi Ran about his mother.

  • EP.55: 12.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 31: Last Choice

With limited time left as acting president, Park Mu-jin and his staff scramble to solve the case — but the mysterious tailor remains an enigma.

  • EP.16 END: 6.178%

At Eighteen – The Night That Will Never Return

Hwi Young blames himself for hurting Soo Bin. Jun Woo is more saddened by the fact that Soo Bin couldn’t trust him than Hwi Young’s lie about him. Jun Woo tells Soo Bin that he needs some time to gather his thoughts. As the 11th graders go on their school trip, Jun Woo unexpectedly goes on stage for the talent show.

  • EP.10: 3.416%

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