Drama Rating August 21th 2019

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Major Broadcast

Justice – Dong Suk Is Involved in Namwon Restaurant & Soo Ho Visits Yeon Ah’s House

Yeon Ah is immensely shocked because Dong Suk is also involved in Namwon Restaurant. She asks Dong Suk if it is true, and Dong Suk tells her that it was only once. Tae Kyung thinks Hae Jin is lying, and he tries to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Young Mi tells Hyun Woo that she wants to leave Namwon Restaurant with him.

Yeon Ah tells Woo Yong that she will dig into Namwon Restaurant case no matter what. Hyun Woo plans to escape with Young Mi, and he tells her that no one should find out about their plan. Meanwhile, Soo Ho and Woo Yong tell Dong Suk that Yeon Ah will get in trouble if he doesn’t stop her.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

With instructions from U-won, Hae-ryung heads to the king’s palace but is turned away. The historians grapple with a dubious royal order.

  • EP.21: 4.3%
  • EP.22: 6.2%

Doctor Detective – Spy in UDC & Yong Deok’s Death

Kim Yong Deok who planned to terror TL is found dead. UDC investigates about his death and the past. It turns out that he was a subcontractor of TL and was sick from mercury poisoning. Tae Young meets the executives and declares to reform the company. Meanwhile, the team finds out about the spy in UDC.

Mr. Ko tells the truth about Yong Deok’s past and his spying. It turns out that they both suffered from an industrial accident. Chairman Choi calls Min and tells her to take over TL. Min Ki goes to the homeless shelter to gather information about Yong Deok. He starts to suspect that Yong Deok’s death may be a homicide.

  • EP.21: 3.5%
  • EP.22: 4.0%

Home for Summer – Mipa Island

Sang Won goes to Mipa Island to look for Bo Ra. Geum Ju goes to Seok Ho’s house to help prepare for the anniversary of his father death. Meanwhile, Jun Ho goes to Yeo Reum’s daycare center to apologize for all the things he made happen to him.

A Place in the Sun – Who is My Husband?

Tae Yang finds out the truth behind his birth. Duk Shil is upset about the fact that Tae Yang is still acting coldly toward her and her mother regarding Set Byul. Meanwhile, Jung Hee meets with Tae Yang and earnestly requests that the merger goes through for Kwang Il’s sake.

  • EP.56: 13.6%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – Girl from the Past

Ha Rip finds out that I Gyeong is the girl who he met 10 years ago when he was Dong Cheon. She was a girl who lived in his neighborhood, and her life changed dramatically by his small advice. Ha Rip goes to see Tae Kang, but he doesn’t give the answer he wants. Meanwhile, I Gyeong holds a press conference to talk about her past.

    • EP.07: 1.937%

Class of Lies – Restoring Beom Jin’s Phone

Graceful Family

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