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Doctor John – Seok Ki Suspects Yo Han & The Role of a Doctor

Jung Rok and Seok Ki are suspicious of Yo Han, but the doctors claim that Yo Han is not the culprit. Seok Ki starts interrogating Yo Han, and Yo Han feels dizzy during the investigation. Ri Hye’s sister decides to agree with Ri Hye’s DNR, and Ri Hye has a heart attack again.

Yo Han meets Ri Hye’s son at the hospital’s rooftop. Yo Han tries to save Ri Hye’s life, and Ri Hye finally regains her consciousness. Yo Han tells Seok Ki that the role of a doctor is to determine what is most beneficial to the patients. Meanwhile, Tae Kyung decides to convene a disciplinary committee to punish Yo Han.

  • EP.21: 7.5%
  • EP.22: 9.2%

Home for Summer – Yeong Sim’s Request

Sang Won goes to Bo Ra’s grave and feels sorry for her that he came too late. Yeong Sim tells Geum Ju to call Seok Ho in. Yeong Sim tells Seok Ho that she will approve of him if he accepts her request. Meanwhile, Bo Ra’s friend tells Sang Won that there is one thing that Bo Ra left.

A Place in the Sun – Tae Yang Gets to Know the True Story

Jung Hae tells Ki Joon why Shi Wol married Kwang Il, and Ki Joon thinks he should tell Tae Yang about this. Tae Joon wants Nam Kyung to hand over her voting rights to Kwang Il, and Nam Kyung feels unpleasant about it. Meanwhile, Nam Kyung gets to know that Mi Ran is living next door.

  • EP.58: 13.1%


Be Melodramatic –  Let’s Make it Work

Han Joo sees Ha Yoon with a man at a club. She is worried about Jae Hoon and hesitates to tell him the truth. Eun Jung casts So Min for her new documentary. As she spends time with her, she learns about various sides of her. Meanwhile, Bum Soo and Jin Joo present their drama, but Bum Soo makes an unexpected scene.

  • EP.05: 1.6%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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