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Mother of Mine – No Daughter Will Go & Here Is the Deal

Sun Ja hears from the doctor that she should seek help from a bigger hospital. Sun Ja asks her three daughters to go to a hospital with her, but none of them are available. Meanwhile, Mi Ri returns to the company as acting CEO in In Suk’s stead, and everyone is surprised.

Chairman Han calls Mi Ri over privately to his study to find out what’s on her mind. Mi Ri says she married Tae Ju purely because she loves him. Chairman Han asks her to move back in, and Mi Ri offers a deal in return.

  • EP.89: 24.7%
  • EP.90: 29.3%

Doctor John – A Member of Death Talks is Missing & Gi Seok Comes to the Pain Management Center Again

Yo Han and Si Young go to Jung Bo’s cafe, and Jung Bo is pleased to see them in a while. Hyun Sook, a member of Death Talks, is reported missing, and Jung Rok shows Seok Ki a video of Hyun Sook that was sent to her husband. Meanwhile, Yo Han and Si Young do grocery shopping together.

Yo Han gets to see Seok Ki at the Emergency Medical Center, and he takes a look at Seok Ki’s medical record. Yo Han comes back to the hospital, and the other doctors in the Pain Management Center welcome him back. Meanwhile, Eun Jeong hears about Yo Han’s secret from Seung Hyun.

  • EP.23: 5.5%
  • EP.24: 8.0%

Golden Garden – Dong Joo Gets Ready To Meet Her Mother & Dong Joo’s Agony

Dong Joo is ecstatic to be finally meeting her mother after 28 years. Even her friend Mi Joo is happy too. She takes Dong Joo out and buys her a new outfit and gifts to take to the reunion. Chairwoman Jin goes for a checkup, and Nan Sook tells Reverend Kim the real reason why she doesn’t want to reunite with Dong Joo. Meanwhile, Pil Seung sits and writes Mid Eum’s summer journal that he didn’t do.

Dong Joo gets utterly crushed after hearing from Reverend Kim that her mother doesn’t want to reunite with her. Chairwoman Jin decides to hold off telling her family about her relapse. Sabina overhears a conversation between Secretary Han and a man talking about her and her mother.

Golden Garden – Nan Sook’s Warning & Gyeongjin Girls’ High School

After leaving a gift for mother, Dong Joo vows to never look for her again. Reverend Kim tries to deliver the gift through Secretary Han but gets interrupted by Nan Sook. However, the present still makes it to Secretary Han’s hands where she finds a letter written by Dong Joo, giving her a good idea who Dong Joo’s mother is.

Mid Eum and Sa Rang ditch school to make money to buy Dong Joo medicine so that she feels better. Despite Chairwoman Jin’s order to stop digging into Hannah Shin, Secretary Han tells Mr. Kim to go to Busan. Meanwhile, Nan Sook and Sabina try to find a weakness in Secretary Han.


Be Melodramatic – You Are Growing on Me

Jin Joo and Bum Soo are in a crisis as they can’t find a production company or a time slot. They find their own ways to overcome the stress. Meanwhile, Hye Jung offers Hwan Dong a chance to work with her. Eun Jung finds out about So Min’s true self and decides to join the documentary herself.

  • EP.06: 1.5%

Watcher – Chi Gwang Getting Closer to the Truth

Young Goon and Hae Ryong end up pointing guns at each other at Hae Ryong’s house, and Chi Gwang tries to stop them. Also, Chi Gwang is getting closer to the truth about who is behind Jang Society and who killed Officer Jang Hyung Koo. Meanwhile, someone leaves a thumb in Tae Joo’s office.

Hotel Del Luna – Seo Hee’s Resentment

The flowers in the hotel start withering. The staff of the hotel wonders if it’s time to prepare to leave for the after life. Meanwhile, Seo Hee recognizes a new male guest. She realizes that it is a chance to resolve her deep sorrow and resentment before going to the after life. Also, Seo Ji Won, who has become a vengeful spirit, begins to harass Chan Seong’s acquaintances.

  • EP.13: 8.750%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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