Drama Rating August 25th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

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Mother of Mine – Sun Ja’s Medical Examination & Who Makes Kimchi in the Midsummer?

Mi Ri suggests Tae Ju that he should go back to Jong Soo’s house with her. Tae Ju doesn’t want to go back there, but Mi Ri tells him that it is for his sake. In the early morning, Sun Ja goes to the hospital for a medical examination. However, the doctor hesitates to tell Sun Ja about the test result.

Hye Mi insults Mi Ri in front of In Suk. She plans a plot to stop Tae Ju and Mi Ri from coming back to the house. Chairman Han declares defeat and tells Ta Ju to come back since the baby is coming. Meanwhile, Sun Ja calls the daughters and the family to make kimchi.

  • EP.91: 28.0%
  • EP.92: 32.6%


Watcher – Park Jin Woo Found Dead

Park Jin Woo is found dead in his villa in the suburbs. Chi Gwang and Young Goon start to find out who killed him. Young Goon visits Hae Ryong and his family, then he finds something on the hair and clothes of Hae Ryong’s daughter. That’s how Young Goon gets closer to the truth behind Jang Society.

  • EP.16 END: 6.585%

Hotel Del Luna – Man Weol’s Choice

Man Weol is obsessed with the thought that Chung Myung might have been reincarnated as Chan Seong. She finally faces a choice for Chan Seong. Meanwhile, Chan Seong and the Grim Reaper find where Seol Ji Won is. When they arrive at the place, they meet Man Weol. Chan Seong is curious about what Man Weol is up to.

  • EP.14: 9.995%

Source: AGB Nielson

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