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Welcome 2 Life – True Face of Ms. Yak Ji & Bo Na Kidnapped

Jae Sang’s team continues to investigate how and why Ban Ji was killed. They find out that Ms. Yak Ji might be behind the death of Ban Ji and begin to look into Ms. Yak Ji. Meanwhile, Do Sik and Yun Ki blackmail Jae Sang to make him join their company. And Jae Sang faces a choice.

Ms. Yak Ji escapes from the police station and kidnaps Bo Na. She says that she will kill Bo Na. Si On panics and Jae Sang tries to keep calm and locate her. Meanwhile, Dong Taek finds out that the Internal Affairs is going after Jae Sang and that Dong Sik is behind the internal investigation.

  • EP.13: 4.1%
  • EP.14: 5.5%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Try to Remember, Yi Young! & Ju Wan Threatened

Yoon tells Yi Young the reason why he approached her in the first place. Yi Young gets shocked, but Yoon keeps forcing her to remember what happened one year ago. Eun Ju gets fired from tutoring a high school student because of a malicious rumor about her. Ju Wan takes Yi Young to his grandmother’s house.

Before going back to Seoul, Yi Young gets comforted by what Ju Wan’s grandmother says to her. And Yi Young tells Yoon about how she still feels about him and that she’ll try hard to remember what happened one year ago. Meanwhile, an unexpected guest comes to visit and threaten Ju Wan, saying he’ll take revenge.

Home for Summer – Let’s Go Find Ji Seok

Sang Won goes all the way to Mipa Island and finds out that Bo Ra is dead. However, he also finds out that his son, Ji Seok is still alive and was abandoned. He pushes on with his investigation, but only figures out that his son, Ji Seok passed away in a fire accident.

A Place in the Sun – Ji Min Is Held Hostage

It pains Tae Yang to hear that Ji Min is being held hostage, and Shi Wol asks Tae Yang to keep everything a secret until she can get back Ji Min. Duk Shil is worried that Tae Yang wants to divorce her after finding out about Ji Min.

  • EP.59: 13.6%


The Great Show – The Birth of a Reprobate Son

  • EP.01: 3.056%

At Eighteen – The Emotions That I Got to Know Through You

After Soo Bin and Jun Woo find out about how they feel for each other, they become special to each other. However, Hwi Young feels upset about it and asks his mom to take Soo Bin out of the private tutoring team. Instead of Soo Bin, Hwi Young’s dad invites Sang Hoon as the new member to provoke his son.

  • EP.11: 3.766%

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