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Welcome 2 Life – Child Gone Missing & Pil Woo’s Experiment Fails Again

Jae Sang hears from Bo Na that her best friend named Chae Hee from kindergarten is missing. Her teacher also asks Jae Sang to find Chae Hee. Jae Sang soon finds out that Chae Hee’s mom used to work for Babel Company. Meanwhile, Si On starts to go on a stakeout with Dong Taek every night.

Jae Sang keeps thinking that Si On is cheating on him with Dong Taek. He decides to tail Si On and Dong Taek. He finally arrives at the place where the two has entered, and he is surprised. Meanwhile, Pil Woo’s experiment fails again, and that makes Do Sik furious. He heads to Pil Woo’s lab and makes a threat to Pil Woo.

  • EP.15: 3.5%
  • EP.16: 4.4%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – A Flash Drive & Eun Ju Meets Chairman Jang

In the warehouse, the mysterious man asks Yi Young about an item that Kim Ian took from him. Yi Young tells him that she has lost her memory and can’t remember anything. A few days later, Yi Young finds a flash drive in Soo Young’s house. She starts to watch the video in the flash drive.

Yi Young tells Soo Young that she has found the flash drive in her room. Soo Young tells Yi Young that what happened one year ago. Yoon finds Yoon Young Gil and asks him about the item he’s looking for and who is helping him. Meanwhile, Eun Ju meets Chairman Jang and offers him a deal.

Home for Summer – Is Yeo Reum Really Sang Won’s Child?

Gyeong Ae finds out that the Yeo Reum Geum Hui adopted is the missing son born between Sang Won and Bo Ra. She tries to find out if the two are really biologically father and son. Meanwhile, Sang Won is devastated at how he kept on with his life not knowing Bo Ra and his son’s death.

A Place in the Sun – Don’t Tell Her About Me

Kwang Il tells Shi Wol that he will not let her take Ji Min away. Tae Joon and Kwang Il get into an argument, and Jung Hee overhears about Ji Min. She gets shocked and goes to see Mi Ran to gather information. Meanwhile, Tae Yang tells Shi Wol not to tell Jung Hee about him being her son.

  • EP.60: 13.8%


The Great Show – The Gravity of a Decision

At Eighteen – Being More Mature Than Adults at the Age of 18

Jun Woo’s mom is thrilled to hear that Soo Bin is Jun Woo’s first girlfriend and congratulates them both. However, Jun Woo isn’t too excited to learn about his mom’s part-time job. An anonymous post regarding Hwi Young’s outstanding grades come up on Cheonbong High School’s online bulletin board. Rumors spread throughout the school and become an issue with the teachers as well as the parents. Meanwhile, Soo Bin’s father tries to hand divorce papers to Soo Bin’s mother.

  • EP.12: 3.508%

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