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Major Broadcast

Justice – The Relation Between Hyun Woo & Tae Kyung & Dae Jin Wants Woo Yong to Tell the Truth

Hyun Woo tells Tae Kyung that Woo Yong ordered him to kill Tae Ju. Man Yong gets mad at Nam Sik for lifting Yeon Ah’s suspension, but Nam Sik threatens Man Yong with the documents regarding his evil deeds. Meanwhile, Woo Yong tells Yeon Ah that there is something between Hyun Woo and Tae Kyung.

Woo Yong lures Won Ki with money to get the video. Tae Kyung tells Woo Yong that he needs to stop here, but Woo Yong tells him that he is not afraid of anything if he can go up higher. Meanwhile, Dae Jin takes Woo Yong to Young Mi’s hospital because he wants Woo Yong to tell the truth.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung criticizes a tale told by Yi Rim. Yi Jin defies the king with a royal decree. One of the historians makes a startling confession to U-won.

  • EP.27: 4.4%
  • EP.28: 6.9%

Doctor Detective – Search & Seizure on TL Chemical & Leviticus 24:20

Joong Eun and the UDC continue to dig into the humidifier disinfectant case and get a search and seizure warrant with Tae Young’s help. In return, Tae Young asks that he take the credit for solving the case. Meanwhile, Chairman Choi and Min blame Moh Sung Kuk for the internal investigation triggered by Tae Young.

Min Ki finds clues left by Kim Yong Deok that help UDC find the chemical culprit, and with it, Moh Sung Kuk’s involvement. Joong Eun discloses the evidence to Tae Young. However, when Tae Young tries to hold a press conference to apologize and state the facts, he is taken away by the prosecution.

  • EP.27: 2.8%
  • EP.28: 2.8%

Home for Summer – Yeo Reum’s Photos

After seeing Yeo Reum, Sang Won reminisces about his son. Jun Ho runs into Sang Won who was on his way to Geum Hui’s and learns about the photos of Yeo Reum that Su Cheol took. Finding it suspicious, Jun Ho returns home and questions Su Cheol. Meanwhile, Gyeong Ae thinks of a way to marry off Sang Won to Seon Gyeong.

A Place in the Sun – Broken Trust

Jung Hee overhears the conversation between Tae Joon and Mi Ran, she is very shocked to find out Kwang Il is not her son. She also loses her senses because Tae Joon betrays her. Meanwhile, Duk Shil says to Tae Yang that she will raise Ji Min for him, but Tae Yang is disappointed at her, as he knows what her actual intention is.

  • EP.62: 14.5%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – Opportunity

Chung Ryul and Seo Young would like to make money out of Seo Dong Cheon by saying Ha Rip is Dong Cheon’s son, but Ha Rip insists that Dong Cheon will never reappear. Meanwhile, Lucca gets surgery but he is dying. Ha Rip begs Tae Kang to save Lucca, and Tae Kang won’t do so unless Ha Rip brings I Gyeong’s soul to him.

  • EP.10: 1.613%

Class of Lies

Graceful Family

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