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Doctor John – Eun Jeong’s Exposure & The Disciplinary Committee

Seok Ki asks Yo Han how he can understand his patient’s pain when he is a CIPA patient who can’t feel any pain. Gi Seok opens his eyes, and he can answer Yo Han’s question by blinking his eyes. Meanwhile, Eun Jeong exposes Yo Han’s secret by writing it on the hospital’s bulletin board.

Yo Han wants to treat Gi Seok, but the disciplinary committee decides to exclude him from all medical duties. To find out the reason why Gi Seok is sick, Yo Han goes to the warehouse where Gi Seok was bullied by other students. Meanwhile, Eun Jeong gets to know that Seok Ki is sick.

  • EP.25: 7.2%
  • EP.26: 8.6%

Home for Summer – He’s My Man

Gyeong Ae invites Seon Gyeong’s parents over for dinner and tells Sang Won to come. Jun Ho gets irritated by Sang Won meeting with Geum Hui. Meanwhile, Seon Gyeong goes to have a word with Geum Hui regarding Sang Won.

A Place in the Sun – The Garden Goes to Rack and Ruin

It’s heartrending that Jung Hee and Tae Yang finally meet each other as mother and son. Jung Hee feels so sorry to Tae Yang for not recognizing him earlier, and Tae Yang thanks her for being alive and hopes she can forgive Shi Wol. Meanwhile, Kwang Il is nervous as Jung Hee acts differently.


Be Melodramatic – May I Kiss You?

Eun Jung purposely leaks the secret that Min Joon is thinking of moving to another company to So Min. When So Min hears this, she makes a surprise statement to Min Joon. While Jin Joo is wrestling with how to write a confession scene, Bum Soo suggests that they go on a date together. Meanwhile, Jae Hoon buys flowers to remember what it felt like when he first asked Ha Yoon out, but they never get delivered to her.

  • EP.07: 1.5%

Source: AGB Nielson

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