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Mother of Mine – Getting Ready to Say Goodbye & Sun Ja Lashes Out in Sadness & Anger

Fed up with Sun Ja’s strange behavior, Mi Sun declares not to visit her mom’s house for the time being. After taking some of Sun Ja’s kimchi to the publishing company, Woo Jin finally expresses his love for Mi Hye. Meanwhile, Sun Ja slowly begins to prepare for her imminent death and Mi Hye finds it odd to see her mom throwing away her old clothes. Mi Ri and Tae Ju are just happy to hear that their baby is doing well.

As Mi Ri and Tae Ju prepare to move back in with Chairman Han, Na Hye Mi plots to take custody of their child after it is born and kick Mi Ri out. Meanwhile, Sun Ja tells Jae Bum to stop coming to her house and goes to the publishing company to tell Woo Jin he should marry Mi Hye as soon as possible. After Sun Ja finds out that Mi Sun quit her job, she leaves feeling devastated. Finally, In Suk finds out that Sun Ja is sick.

  • EP.93: 30.0%
  • EP.94: 25.1%

Doctor John –  Text from Death Talks & Gi Seok Falls into a Critical Condition

Tae Kyung thinks that it is not right to fire Yo Han. Ri Hye gets a strange text from Death Talks. Won Gil meets Yo Han and tells him about the Cherubim. However, Yo Han gets furious about the idea of the Cherubim, and he calls Seok Ki to report Won Gil.

It was Chan Seok, the sales manager of Zinmu Rijund, who injected the Cherubim to the members of Death Talks. Myung Oh and Chan Seok leave Korea after Won Gil’s death. The patients who were treated by Yo Han come to the disciplinary committee to oppose the dismissal of Yo Han.

  • EP.27: 5.5%
  • EP.28: 8.8%

Golden Garden – Her Real Name & Dirt on Secretary Han

Secretary Han confronts Hannah Shin about her real name. Although Hannah admits her real name is Shin Nan Sook, she doesn’t comment on Sabina’s identity. Instead, she gives her a proper warning to stop prodding into her past. Meanwhile, Dae Sung thinks Nam Hee may have relapsed, and Nam Hee offers Dong Joo a job at I and K.

Nan Sook tells Sabina what she thinks is dirt on Secretary Han. When she tells her, Sabina considers her father-in-law, Choi Dae Sung, to be the man of Secretary Han’s romance. Later, Sabina tries to find evidence to support her suspicion.

Golden Garden – The Anonymous Letter & A Party of Three

Secretary Han finds Sabina in her room and realizes she had uncovered her secret. Although Secretary Han gets her to delete the photo evidence from her phone, she doesn’t know Sabina had already sent it to Nan Sook. Meanwhile, Nan Sook prints the photo and sends it to Chairwoman Jin but ends up in Joon Ki’s hands.

After learning that Secretary Han is the woman his father had an affair with, Joon Ki sets up a time to meet without either of them knowing the other was coming. However, the party of three soon becomes a party of five. The secret gets revealed, and Nam Hee collapses.

  • EP.27: 6.7%
  • EP.28: 7.3%


Be Melodramatic


  • EP.08: 1.4%

Strangers From Hell – Eden Studio

On the day before Jong Woo starts working at a new company, he moves into a shabby place named Eden Studio where the residents are given their own small room, but share the kitchen and bathroom. From the first day in the studio, he gets annoyed by his strange neighbours and some pounding noise from upstairs.

Hotel Del Luna – Chan Seong’s Time Travel

While crossing the bridge to the afterlife, Man Weol starts to forget her memories piece by piece. Will Man Weol come back to Chan Seong? Meanwhile, Chan Seong travels back in time and gets to meet Man Weol in the Joseon Dynasty. He has to find a herb there and returns to Hotel Del Luna.

  • EP.15: 9.892%

Source: AGB Nielson

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