Drama Rating August 4th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – Forgive or Forget & Reconciliation and Hope for Everyone but Mi Ri

Sun Ja brings Tae Ju inside and consoles him. She also implores him to understand how Mi Ri must have felt, accepting his marriage proposal while knowing things might end badly. When Tae Ju returns home, Na Hye Mi alludes to another plot she is cooking up. Sun Ja calls Mi Ri, who is at the office, and tells her to go back to Tae Ju and beg for his forgiveness. Da Bin is found and returned home.

Tae Ju pleads with Chairman Han to let In Suk leave, but Chairman Han refuses to listen. As Mi Sun finds out why Da Bin ran away, she makes up her mind about her career. Meanwhile, Woo Jin visits Sun Ja to explain his relationship with Mi Hye, but he gets consoling words and a hot meal from Sun Ja instead. And after Mi Ri visits In Suk’s mother at the care facility, Na Hye Mi finds out that Mi Ri is In Suk’s daughter.

  • EP.79: 26.1%
  • EP.80: 31.1%


Watcher – Jo Soo Yeon’s Secret

Young Goon believes that a cleaning service company is deeply involved in the Baek Song Yi case and investigate them. He finds out that the company has a connection to corrupt police officers including Jang Hae Ryong. Young Goon also finds out a secret that Jo Soo Yeon has been keeping all this time.

Hotel Del Luna – Man Weol and Princess Song Hwa

Chan Seong finds out why Man Weol is tied down to Hotel Del Luna. In dreams, he happens to see what happened between Man Weol and Princess Song Hwa in the past. Meanwhile, Man Weol invites Mi Ra to Hotel Del Luna and plans to torment her.

    • EP.08: 9.131%

Source: AGB Nielson

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