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Mother of Mine – Mi Ri Gets Surprising News & Anger, Sadness & Panic

Sun Ja collapses after hearing Mi Hye’s audacious suggestion to Woo Jin, but Mi Hye has no regrets. Meanwhile, Mi Ri goes to see a very distraught Tae Ju where she finds out why he has been acting distant. Mi Sun continues to have trouble with the babysitter. At the office, Mi Ri hears some surprising news about In Suk and what that means for her position in the company as well.

In Suk visits her mother, but when her mother starts asking about Seung Yeon’s whereabouts, In Suk’s emotions get out of hand. Mi Ri shows up and calms her down. Meanwhile, Mi Sun’s babysitter leaves the house during the day and Da Bin’s grandmother happens to see this. When Da Bin doesn’t come home from kindergarten, it is the final straw.

  • EP.77: 21.5%
  • EP.78: 27.3%

Doctor John – Seok Ki’s Warning & Yo Han’s Secret

Seok Ki tells Yo Han that only society’s forgiveness can erase Yo Han’s criminal record. No matter what Seok Ki says to him, the only thing matters to Yo Han is what kind of doctor he is to his patients. Gi Seok feels no pain because of CIPA, but he can feel pain all of a sudden. However, CIPA is an incurable disease, so Yo Han is confused.

Gi Seok doesn’t want to get surgery because he doesn’t want to go back to his old days. Yo Han shows Gi Seok something and persuades him to get surgery. The Pain Management Center’s members have team dinner at Yoo Joon’s mother’s restaurant. During the dinner, Mi Rae asks Yo Han if euthanasia was a final prescription for the patient.

    • EP.10: 6.9%
    • EP.11: 9.2%

Golden Garden – Sabina Gets Questioned, Mid Eum & Sa Rang Disappear

Nan Sook visits Sung Wook at the hospital and warns him to stay away from Sabina. In the underground parkade, Dong Joo and Pil Seung stop Sabina and ask her if her real name is Eun Dong Joo. Later, Joon Ki tells his mother that he will marry Sabina.

Mid Eum and Sa Rang disappear from Ki Young’s house. Knowing that they might get separated if they don’t reunite with their dad, Sung Wook, Mid Eum tells Sa Rang they are going to her mother’s house. Meanwhile, Nam Hee calls Sabina to her office for tea, and Dong Joo clues in that Sa Rang has a different mother.

  • EP.09: 5.2%
  • EP.10: 7.3%

Golden Garden – Sa Rang’s Biological Mother & Sabina Visits Joon Ki at His House

Dong Joo and Pil Seung find Sa Rang’s mother, Seo Hye Young, but when they talk to her, she tells them she wants nothing to do with Sa Rang. Even when Hye Young sees Mid Eum and Sa Rang, she tells them to never show up in front of her again. Meanwhile, the police pick up on Sung Wook’s cellphone signal and head to I and K’s head office.

Nam Hee worries about Joon Ki after he collapses at the sight of the police. While recovering at home, Sabina visits Joon Ki to reassure him that the police have no idea or evidence regarding the accident with Lee Sung Wook. However, Sabina’s presence at the house worries Nam Hee even more that makes her call her mother, Shin Nan Sook.

  • EP.11: 7.5%
  • EP.12: 7.9%


Watcher –  Call from Baek Song Yi

Young Goon holds the funeral for his father. The police, Tae Joo and Young Goon keep looking for the ledger that Jae Myung kept. Then, Young Goon receives a phone call from Baek Song Yi. She says that Jae Myung gave her something, and now she wants to return it to Young Goon.

Hotel Del Luna – Rival in Love

The evil spirit that has escaped from Room 13 continues to harm men. The spirit gets closer to the one that she’s after. Chan Seong decides to become the bait himself to catch the spirit. Meanwhile, Man Weol runs into Mi Ra who had an ill-fated relationship with Man Weol in the previous life.

    • EP.07: 8.052%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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