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Welcome 2 Life – Invicible Lawyer Lee Jae Sang & Secretary Gone Missing

A male college student who tried to save his female classmate from being sexually assaulted ends up being beaten up and humiliated by the assailant. This case is brought to court, and the invincible lawyer Lee Jae Sang represents the assailant. At the court, Jae Sang and his ex-girlfriend Si On reunite.

One of Chairman Seok’s female secretaries goes missing. Si On thinks that the chairman has abducted and harmed the secretary. Si On and Jae Sang soon find out what has happened to the secretary and who is behind the disappearance. Also, Jae Sang faces the ugly truth of the conglomerate owner family.

    • EP.01: 4.5%
    • EP.02: 6.3%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Mysterious Man & Evening Call

Yi Young is having bad days. She jumps into the river to save a woman, almost gets hit by a car, doesn’t do well at an audition, and is suffering from insomnia. Then, she encounters a stranger at a convenience store in her neighborhood. The mysterious man lends Yi Young an umbrella on a rainy day.

Yi Young meets her friends from college and has fun. However, at the gathering, Yi Young finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her college friend Eun Ju. Meanwhile, Yi Young asks the mysterious man from the convenience store to sing a song for her over the phone so that she can have a sound sleep.

Home for Summer –  Don’t Even Get Jealous

Jun Ho feels jealous to see Sang Won taking care of Geum Hui, and Sang Mi also finds it upsetting that her husband feels jealous about that. Seon Gyeong comes to help out at Sang Won’s restaurant where her old friends from medical school get together.

A Place in the Sun – Kwang Il’s Attempts Suicide

Kwang Il can’t let go of Shi Wol and would rather die than to see his family know about the truth of Oh Tae Yang. After a serious fight in the middle of the night, Kwang Il runs out of the house and Shi Wol stays adamant in against his will. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang orders Tae Joon to get rid of Oh Tae Yang just like 12 years ago.

  • EP.44: 10.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 39: The Acting President, Oh Yeong-Seok

Kang Dae-han interrogates Na-gyeong, who insists on briefing Park Mu-jin in person. The staff doesn’t know what to make of Yeong-seok’s actions.

    • EP.11: 4.488%

At Eighteen – After that Long and Sad Day

After Jun Woo tells Mr. Oh what he heard at the funeral about Ki Tae, Mr. Oh visits Geon Hyuk to see if it’s true. Hwi Young grows worried that people might think he was connected to Jung Hoo’s death and tries to blame everything on Ki Tae. Meanwhile, Soo Bin thinks that she might not have passed the level test for Mr. Son’s math class after all and decides to quit.

    • EP.05: 3.341%

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