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Justice – Namwon Restaurant & Soo Ho Tells Woo Yong to Get Rid of Tae Kyung

Tae Kyung looks into Hyun Woo’s traces, but he can’t find any record. Yeon Ah and Dong Hyuk find out that Young Mi went to Namwon Restaurant with Chi Soo. Meanwhile, Young Mi wakes up in a strange room. She tries to go outside, but the door is locked. Tae Kyung tells Woo Yong that Yeon Ah found Hyun Woo’s fingerprints from the crime scene of Jang Entertainment’s murder case.

Dong Hyuk looks into Chi Soo’s dashcam footage, but there’s nothing suspicious about him. Yeon Ah and Dong Hyuk keep digging into Young Mi’s missing case to find out the culprit. Dong Suk gives Yeon Ah the documents related to unsolved missing cases. Meanwhile, Woo Yong tells Tae Kyung that there must be a reason why Young Mi doesn’t come back.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung entreats Yi Rim to allow a controversial procedure that may ease the epidemic, but U-won questions whether she grasps her role as a historian.

    • EP.15: 4.7%
    • EP.16: 6.4%

Doctor Detective – The UDC Investigate Hye Mi’s Case & The UDC Attempt to Find Evidence of Methanol

Mr. Kwon from TL suspects Joong Eun had something to do with Chairman Choi’s condition and locks her up in the storage room of the hospital. Hye Mi, the young girl who got hit by a car, comes to and shows signs of vision impairment. The UDC concludes it’s a work-related condition and starts to investigate. Meanwhile, Il Song worries about losing search and seizure rights and doesn’t tell the team.

The UDC finds out Hye Mi’s last part-time job was with Bukang CNC. And Joong Eun infers that methanol used in the CNC machines caused her blindness. Despite Il Song’s order to step away from the investigation, Min Ki devises a plan to infiltrate Bukang for evidence.

    • EP.15: 4.0%
    • EP.16: 4.0%

Home for Summer – Jun Ho Learns the Truth

Jun Ho becomes furious when he finds out that Sang Mi had fooled him and blamed Geum Hui for her miscarriage. Seon Gyeong lets her feelings out, blatantly telling Sang Won how she feels about him. And Geum Dong and Geum Ju continue to fight over their secrets at the dinner table.

A Place in the Sun – Revenge

Ji Min is upset because of Tae Joon and Kwang Il, and he wants to go study abroad as soon as possible. Shi Wol feels bad for putting Ji Min into this situation. Meanwhile, Tae Joon asks Kwang Il to divorce Shi Wol, but Kwang Il tells Tae Joon that keeping Shi Wol and Ji Min is the only way they will be safe, as Shi Wol knows everything.

  • EP.47: 11.9%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – A Desperate Soul

I Gyeong decides to quit music and starts working at Ha Rip’s house as a housekeeper with Kang Ha’s help. However, Ha Rip is being harsh on her and asks her to stay out of his sight. Meanwhile, Ha Rip is still struggling to find a first-grade soul, and Tae Kang suggests him looking close to home. All of a sudden, Ha Rip has a feeling that I Gyeong might be the one.

    • EP.04: 2.161%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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