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Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Yeon Seo Refuses to Perform & Ru Na’s Another Plot

Ki Joon Soo tries to kill Dan, and Hu saves Dan at that time. Yeon Seo tells Kang Woo that she won’t perform on stage because there is no time left for Dan and Yeon Seo. Dan gets to hear that conversation and tells her that she needs to dance for his sake. Meanwhile, Dan and Yeon Seo get to find Hu’s report at the church and they realize Hu’s innermost feelings.

Ru Na tries to hang herself in prison, so she is taken to the hospital. On the day of Fantasia’s show, Yeon Seo decides to show the most beautiful Giselle in the world to impress the deity. Meanwhile, Ru Na escapes from the hospital and sneaks into the theater. Ni Na tries to stop her, but Ru Na doesn’t care about her.

    • EP.29: 6.8%
    • EP.30: 7.8%

One Spring Night

Jeong-in gets upset about Ji-ho’s past and questions what this says about her. Gi-seok thinks he sees an opportunity and shamelessly contacts Tae-hak.

    • EP.29: 6.2%
    • EP.30: 8.0%

My Absolute Boyfriend – The Meltdown & The Heart-Cooler

Young Gu collapses because of the meltdown. He is overloaded as he learned human emotions with Da Da. Bo Won and Manager Ko try to find a way to save Young Gu. Diana seeks for revenge as she hears about Young Gu’s meltdown. Da Da is upset because there is nothing she can do for Young Gu.

Wang Joon finds out about Young Gu’s condition. Bo Won finds a component called the heart-cooler which can stop the meltdown. However, there is only one left at the head office. Wang Joon helps to get the heart-cooler from the head office. But Diana and In Hyuk intercept it.

    • EP.33: 1.8%
    • EP.34: 1.7%

Home for Summer – Yeo Reum’s Disappearance

After hearing that Yeo Reum had disappeared, Geum Hui and her family frantically scramble to every place he could be to find him. And while Jun Ho has dinner with Sang Mi’s family, he receives a call regarding Yeo Reum’s disappearance and runs out. Later, Jun Ho drinks heavily and reminisces when the times were good with Geum Hui.

  • EP.52: 18.1%

A Place in the Sun – Marriage for Revenge

After seeing how pleasant Shi Wol’s family is, Tae Yang proposes marriage to Duk Shil. And Duk Shil, who recognizes his pain in becoming a man on his own, accepts Tae Yang’s marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Kwang Il asks Shi Wol for a second child and gets upset when she refuses.

  • EP.27: 10.7%

Blessing of the Sea – An Invitation from the International Color Laboratory

Si Joon gives Poong Do all the evidence of how Pil Doo created a slush fund by using the scholarship foundation. Chung Yi gets an invitation from the International Color Laboratory as a researcher, but she hesitates to go there because of Hak Gyu and Poong Do. Meanwhile, Hak Gyu tells Chung Yi to live as Hong Joo from now on.

  • EP.119: 6.9%


Search: WWW – Mixed Emotions for Ta Mi

Morgan goes to a school reunion and meets someone unexpected. Ta Mi is in the midst of a big project at work all while battling with a bout of jealousy over Morgan’s reunion. Meanwhile, Ga Gyeong discovers who has been sending her the mysterious photos of her husband all along.

    • EP.11: 4.003%

Level Up

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