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Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Dan’s Disappearance & Yeon Seo’s Life without Dan

Yeon Seo loses consciousness after her performance. Yeong Ja and Ki Chun go to the police station to see Ru Na, but Ru Na only concerns about whether Ni Na plays Giselle or not even in this situation. Dan wants to be by Yeon Seo’s side, but there is no more time left for Dan. Meanwhile, Yeong Ja and Ki Chun come to Yeon Seo’s hospital to apologize to her.

Yeon Seo comes back to home with Dan, and they spend time together happily. However, Yeon Seo realizes that it is her dream. Dan tells Yeon Seo to live happily without him and bids farewell to her. After her dream, Yeon Seo finally wakes up from a coma. After Dan’s disappearance, Yeon Seo tries to live bravely, but she keeps seeing a hallucination of Dan.

    • EP.31: 5.1%
    • EP.32 END: 7.5%

One Spring Night

Gi-seok baffles Yeong-guk and Tae-hak by insisting that he’s going to marry Jeong-in. Sin Hyeong-seon wants to see Ji-ho, who brings Eun-u with him.

    • EP.31: 7.4%
    • EP.32 END: 9.5%

My Absolute Boyfriend – Goodbye My Girlfriend & Thank You, Young Gu

Young Gu’s condition gets worse, and he only has a few days left. Da Da and Young Gu go out for their last date to make happy memories. On the way home, Young Gu finally stops. Three years later, many things changed for Da Da and her friends. But she still misses Young Gu from time to time.

Da Da becomes the CEO of her company, and Woong and Bo Won is married. Wang Joon successfully finishes his drama and gets a chance to work abroad. He asks Da Da to go with him. Meanwhile, Bo Won takes Da Da to Kronos Heaven to see Young Gu for the last time.

    • EP.35: 2.4%
    • EP.36 END: 2.0%

Home for Summer – Dae Seong’s Task

Following Jun Ho’s drunken stupor, Sang Mi realizes that Jun Ho still has feelings for Geum Hui. Seeing that he took pity on her for working at the grocery store, Sang Mi orders Dae Seong get Geum Hui to quit her job after having her refuse her money. Meanwhile, Seok Ho gets jealous after learning Geum Ju was getting close to Won Ju, the actor in The Iron Lady.

  • EP.53: 19.0%

A Place in the Sun – Bring Me Proof

After learning about Tae Yang’s engagement, Shi Wol, who is in utter shock, tries to tell the truth to Tae Yang. However, Duk Shil, who believes that Tae Yang still has Shi Wol in his heart, tells him to prove that she means nothing to him. Meanwhile, due to Shi Wol and Tae Yang’s strange conversation witnessed by Ji Eun, Kwang Il suspects that something is going on between his wife and the CEO of Sun Holdings.

  • EP.28: 10.5%

Blessing of the Sea – Chung Yi’s Comeback

Chung Yi goes to France to study abroad. Ji Na passes out after getting bullied by other prisoners in the prison. A year later, Heon Jeong finally becomes the queen of trot music thanks to Ryan. Meanwhile, Chung Yi comes back to Korea, and Hak Gyu holds a party to welcome her.

  • EP.120: 6.7%


Search: WWW – My Homepage

Cha Hyeon suggests changing the real-time keyword search ranking list to show only one keyword at a time as part of the portal’s reform. Although Kevin, the vice-president of Barro, approves, he tells Ta Mi to shut down the My Homepage service as a condition. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Jang, who is working with the government, offers the two major portal sites an offer they can’t refuse, and Ta Mi and Morgan coincidentally run into Morgan’s mother.

    • EP.12: 3.488%

Level Up

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