Drama Rating July 19th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Friday

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Doctor John – Si Young’s Part Time Job As A Medical Offical & Si Young’s Painful Memory

Si Young wants to go back to the hospital again, but she thinks she doesn’t deserve to save patients. She thinks that never wearing a doctor’s gown again is a punishment for herself. At the penitentiary, Inmate 5353 visits Si Young because of a rash, and Yo Han tells her that Inmate 5353 needs to go to an outside hospital urgently.

There is an emergency patient who needs treatment immediately at Chungil Penitentiary. The warden calls 911, but Yo Han secretly appears and treats the patient. Si Young plans a trip to Madagascar, but she is short of money. At that moment, Jeong Nam calls Si Young and offers her a part-time job.

    • EP.01: 6.4%
    • EP.02: 8.4%

Home for Summer – Sang Mi’s Unpredictability

Social workers from the adoption center ask Sang Mi about her relationship with Han Jun Ho. Her response throws Gyeong Ae into confusion. However, Sang Mi has a plan that no one suspects. Meanwhile, Geum Ju tells Seok Ho that she wants to cut all ties with him.

A Place in the Sun – The Disclosure of James Oh’s Identity

Mi Ran asks Duk Shil what is happening between Tae Yang and Yangji. Ji Eun gets to see Tae Yang and Shi Wol together, and she is sure that there is something between the two of them. Meanwhile, Kwang Il asks Jae Yong to look into James Oh through Harvard Alumni Association.

  • EP.34: 10.6%


Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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