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Mother of Mine – Mixed Emotions & Intentions & Tae Ju Gets Closer to the Truth

Mi Hye finds out that Woo Jin also has feelings for her. Mi Ri confronts In Suk about their extended family, but In Suk refuses to tell her anything. Tae Ju and Mi Ri enjoy a date after work. While Mi Ri goes to her mom’s house for the night, Tae Ju meets with his uncle where he discovers something from In Suk’s past.

Mi Ri witnesses In Suk begging to Chairman Han on her knees and can’t help but feel conflicted about it. Mi Hye tries to persuade her mom that she has a crush on someone who isn’t Jae Bum, but Sun Ja won’t listen. Mi Sun loses her trusted babysitter and Jin Soo steps up to take care of their daughter for once, but with other intentions.

  • EP.65: 22.3%
  • EP.66: 26.9%

Nokdu Flower – Beo Dul Performs Her Duty to the End & The Mung Bean Flower That Follow Bong Jun in His Footstep

Ja In visits Yoo Wol in Uiju and asks her to be a middle person who delivers necessary goods to loyal army. Beo Dul keeps losing her consciousness, and Monk Hae thinks it is time to say goodbye to her. Beo Dul also knows about her condition, and she wants to perform her duty before she dies.

Baek Ga tells Yi Kang to take his own life for Yi Hyun’s sake. Yi Hyun wants Myung Sim to understand his difficulties, but Myung Sim tells him that the Yi Hyun that she loved doesn’t exist any longer. The day before Yi Kang’s execution, Yi Hyun comes to Yi Kang to say goodbye.

    • EP.47: 6.0%
    • EP.48 END: 8.1%

Different Dreams – Club Gyeongseong & For the Independence of Korea

Oblivious to what Wong Bong has planned, high-ranking Japanese officials and Joseon aristocrats attend a party held at Club Gyeongseong, including Matsuura, who is the only one with a hunch of something big to happen. Won Bong asks Young Jin to leave Gyeongseong first and to not show up at the club. Meanwhile, Won Bong and Se Joo arm themselves with the help of Maru.

During the party, Kim Won Bong opens fire. As he gets pinned down, Lee Young Jin appears sustaining multiple bullets from Matsuura. Although Won Bong gets away, Young Jin is carried out by Fukuda. Matsuura gets promoted to become the commissioner, and later, with Fukuda’s pledge for the independence for Korea, Matsuura stands in the scope of Young Jin’s rifle.

  • EP.39: 3.0%
  • EP.40 END: 4.3%


Watcher – Corruption Investigation Team’s First Case

After successfully rescuing a child and showing the potential corruption within the police force, the Corruption Investigation Team is established. The team’s first case involves an organ donor that asked Tae Joo for help saying she may die after donating her kidney. The case turns out to be much more complicated and dangerous than it looks.

Hotel Del Luna – Welcome to Hotel Del Luna

On a day when the full moon has risen, Hotel Del Luna resumes its business. Two guests visit the hotel. One is a female dead soul who used to be a policewoman, but ended up being drowned in the water. The other one is a man who isn’t technically dead yet, but somehow ended up being lost after running away from the police.

    • EP.01: 7.327%

Chief of Staff

Seon-yeong’s career is in peril, rumors unsettle Won-sik, Do-gyeong returns to the team, and Tae-jun determines to go down a path that he may regret.

    • EP.10 END: 5.314%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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