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Perfume – E Do is Devastated & E Do’s Bucket List

E Do gets dumped by Jae Hee and feels devastated. However, E Do finds out about Tae Joon’s embezzlement and wrongdoings and hands the proof over to Jae Hee so that she can use it to get a divorce with Tae Joon. And E Do tells Tae Joon not to come near Ye Rin again. Meanwhile, Ji Na wants to find out who has dumped E Do.

While consoling E Do from his rejection, Ye Rin offers him to pretend to be Jae Hee. Although he is against the idea at first, he accepts her idea. Together, they check off things on E Do’s bucket list and live the moments E Do wanted have with Jae Hee. Meanwhile, Tae Joon threatens to expose her identity if she doesn’t move back in with him.

    • EP.25: 3.7%
    • EP.26: 4.7%

Partners for Justice 2 – Venom & Watering Things Down

Young Soo who was looking into Sungjin and the prosecution’s corruption is found dead. There are no external injuries found beside the snakebite. Thus, his death is concluded as an accident, but Ji Han believes Young Soo was murdered and asks Beom to perform an autopsy.

The autopsy and the substance analysis points that Young Soo died from a snakebite. But Beom and Ji Han realize somethings are off and suspect Cheol. To cover up their wrongdoings, Dae Cheol pulls some strings to publicize a rape case and hands it over to Ji Han.

    • EP.25: 6.1%
    • EP.26: 8.2%

Home for Summer – Baby Shoes

Sang Mi gets angry with her brother for letting Geum Hui work at his restaurant. Jun Ho spots Dae Seong filming him and goes to meet with Sang Mi. Sang Mi drops a baby shoe she bought for her unborn child, and she feels that something bad will happen to her.

A Place in the Sun – The Gift

Although Kwang Il and his grandfather are elated to hear of Shi Wol’s pregnancy, Sook Hee’s side of the family is not so pleased. Meanwhile, Duk Shil and Tae Yang return from their honeymoon. Duk Shil asks Tae Yang to stop seeking revenge, for the sake of their unborn child.

  • EP.30: 11.7%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – A Good Person

Park Mu-jin’s live interview alarms the public and the Blue House staff. Jeong Han-mo questions Na-gyeong’s suspicions about O Yeong-seok.

    • EP.05: 4.277%

The Wind Blows – Do Hun Grows Silent

While Do Hun is still stuck in the past, he receives a big shock when he finds out about Ah Ram’s existence. He no longer recognizes anyone. However, it seems as though Ah Ram is the only one who can get a response from Do Hun. When Ah Ram asks to bring her dad to kindergarten, Su Jin hesitates.

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