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Perfume – Mi Yoo in Danger & Abduction

Mi Yoo’s ex-boyfriend comes to the photoshoot set and tries to terrorize Mi Yoo with hydrochloric acid. Ye Rin spots Mi Yoo is in danger and helps her. Meanwhile, Jin Kyung starts to think that Tae Joon stalks Ye Rin. She unlocks Tae Joon’s phone and checks text messages between Tae Joon and Ye Rin.

E Do proposes that he and Ye Rin stay together, but Ye Rin turns him down. E Do decides to let Ye Rin leave. And Ye Rin focuses on preparing for Fashion Week. However, Tae Joon suddenly appears and hits Ye Rin, and that makes her fall unconscious. Jin Kyung witnesses Tae Joon taking Ye Rin somewhere in his car and calls E Do in order to ask for help.

    • EP.27: 4.7%
    • EP.28: 5.3%

Partners for Justice 2 – Missing Link & Dead Ends

Dae Cheol hears the news about Ji Han’s whereabouts and his plan of going to Doctor K’s house. To stop Ji Han, Dae Cheol gets Ji Han’s warrant request turned down. Ji Han, however, breaks in and calls Beom for an examination of the house. There, they find evidence of Doctor K’s murders.

The substance analysis of rape victim’s samples doesn’t show any trace of GHB, and the second autopsy of Young Soo doesn’t show anything new or suspicious. Meanwhile, Dae Cheol and Tae Joon are relentlessly trying to cover up their respective cases by any means necessary. It seems all hope is lost for both cases.

    • EP.27: 6.7%
    • EP.28: 9.3%

Home for Summer – Sang Mi’s Miscarriage

Sang Mi goes to a gynecologist for a check-up and finds out she had a miscarriage. Devastated by this, she calls Jun Ho to come and console her. Jun Ho, however, turns her down and starts to regret what he has done. Meanwhile, Sang Won visits Geum Hui’s house for a luncheon.

A Place in the Sun – Fear Sets In

Tae Yang, Duk Shil, and their daughter Set Byul return to Korea after spending two years in New York. Jung Hee is disappointed when she learns Shi Wol will not be able to have any more children. Meanwhile, Kwang Il grows anxious as the put option maturity lingers on the horizon. He and his father face difficult decisions for the future of Yangji group.

  • EP.31: 11.4%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Command

As the staff tries to find ways to allay the public’s growing fear, Park Mu-jin makes an unexpected suggestion. Na-gyeong asks Yun Chan-gyeong for help.

    • EP.06: 3.843%

The Wind Blows – Time is More Precious for Us

Su Jin sees that Do Hun reacts to Ah Ram and decides to go to the Daddy’s Day event at Ah Ram’s kindergarten. With Kyung Hun’s help, Do Hun’s Lumi Chocolate is finally launched and Su Jin decides to donate all of the proceeds to a non-profit corporation she founded. Everyone gets together to celebrate this success.

Source: AGB Nielson

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