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Major Broadcast

Justice – Corrupted Lawyer, Tae Kyung & Yeon Ah & Tae Kyung’s Encounter at the Court

The director of the National Tax Service comes to Woo Yong to ask for his help. He asks Woo Yong to take care of Yong Jin’s special violence and rape case. Woo Yong orders Tae Kyung to handle the case, so Tae Kyung defends Yong Jin. The victim tells Tae Kyung that this isn’t fair, but Tae Kyung tells her that the world is a trashy place and there’s nothing she can do.

Nam Sik tells Yeon Ah to withdraw the indictment of the assembly’s son, but Yeon Ah says that she can’t do that. Tae Kyung defends Chul Ki, and Yeon Ah is in charge of that case, so they get to meet at the court. Yeon Ah thinks Chul Ki is the criminal for the unresolved murder case, so she digs into the case.

    • EP.01: 6.1%
    • EP.02: 6.4%

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Goo Hae-ryung tells Goo Jae-gyeong that she doesn’t want to get married. Yi Rim is curious about how the public truly feels about his writing.

    • EP.01: 4.0%
    • EP.02: 6.0%

Doctor Detective – Joong Eun, Come & Join Us & Please Save My Son, Ha Rang

After her divorce with her rich husband, Joong Eun makes a living by working at factories late at night and concealing industrial accidents. Joong Eun’s previous co-worker, Il Sun, runs into Joong Eun at Sungrak Industry while investigating the scene, and asks her to join UDC, Undiagnosed Disease Center. Meanwhile, Joong Eun rejects Il Sun’s offer.

Joong Eun realizes that her neighbor, Ha Rang’s working environment is not stable and safe, and asks him to go and get a check-up as he seems uncomfortable. However, Ha Rang goes to work even though he himself knows that there is something wrong with his health and gets into an accident.

    • EP.01: 4.6%
    • EP.02: 5.7%

Home for Summer – Sang Mi’s Secret

Although Sang Won injures his hand, Geum Hui is there to help him get through the video shoot. Sang Mi asks Gyeong Ae to keep her miscarriage a secret until she weds Jun Ho. Meanwhile, Jun Ho tells Sang Mi to switch OB-GYN clinics for the baby’s sake.

A Place in the Sun – The Showdown Begins

Shi Wol sees how happy Tae Yang is with his daughter and feels mixed emotions. Tae Yang learns that Shimmi Foods, the company that sponsored the orphanage he grew up in, is struggling and seeks a way to help them. Meanwhile, Tae Joon and Kwang Il decide to acquire Shimmi Foods in order to purchase some profitable land.

  • EP.32: 10.9%


Search: WWW – A Common Cause

Ta Mi finds out that her piano teacher’s first love is actually Morgan. She feels confused and ends up hurting Morgan’s feelings. Meanwhile, the government reveals that it would like to revise the real-time keyword regulations. To stop this from happening, Ga Gyeong, Ta Mi, and Hyeon put their efforts together. Unicon and Barro both face major changes.

    • EP.13: 3.906%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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