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Justice – Detective Kang Gets into a Sudden Accident & Tae Kyung’s Investigation on Tae Ju’s Death

Tae Kyung recalls the memory of his brother’s wrongful death. While reinvestigating the Ahyeon-dong murder case with Yeon Ah, Detective Kang gets into an accident all of a sudden. Tae Kyung tells Woo Yong that Chul Ki seems to be related to his brother’s death, but Woo Yong says there’s nothing he can change now.

Tae Kyung starts investigating the truth of Tae Ju’s death. While his investigation, he finds out that Chul Ki met Jang Young Mi on the day of the murder case. Tae Kyung interrogates Chul Ki, but Chul Ki doesn’t tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Nam Sik changes the prosecutor who is in charge of Chul Ki’s assault case.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung gets distressing news from Jae-gyeong about her betrothal. The king finds out about Yi Rim’s activities. Yi Jin makes a controversial ruling.

    • EP.03: 3.7%
    • EP.04: 5.0%

Doctor Detective – The Screen Door Incident & The Water Bottle

A 19-year-old boy named Jung Ha Rang dies on the job fixing a safety screen door at a TL Metro station. As the media claims it was due to his negligence, Joong Eun determines to get to the bottom of his death. Meanwhile, TL’s director Moh Sung Kuk arrives to take matters into his hands to cover up the incident.

Min Ki from UDC does some investigating and finds out a possible way to find concrete evidence. However, it’s Joong Eun’s intuition and detective work that leads them to find n-Hexane in the water bottle. Meanwhile, Joong Eun asks the Ha Rang’s mother if they could proceed with an autopsy.

    • EP.03: 5.1%
    • EP.04: 5.2%

Home for Summer – A Tip-Off

In order to completely cut off the connection between Jun Ho and Geum Hui, Sang Mi asks Dae Seong to give a tip-off to the adoption center about the divorce. Because of this, the social workers do a home visit again. Although Jun Ho and Sang Won suspect Sang Mi of abetting the tip-off, she denies it. Meanwhile, Geum Hui goes to Sang Mi’s place and they have a talk.

A Place in the Sun – Kwang Il Does a Background Check on Tae Yang

Kwang Il thinks there’s something suspicious about Tae Yang, and he investigates Tae Yang’s past in secret. However, there is no record about Tae Yang’s past before 2001. Duk Shil suggests Tae Yang that he should find his birth mom, but Tae Yang refuses.

  • EP.33: 10.6%


Search: WWW – Main Page Reformation

Both Barro and Unicon have new CEOs take over. In Gyeong is removed before her term and Ga Gyeong replaces her, whereas Hong Ju rescinds his resignation and returns to the office, and finally Barro’s main page reformation is happening soon. Meanwhile, Ta Mi sees Da In and Morgan together and overhears Da In confessing to Morgan, she decides to run away.

    • EP.14: 3.567%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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