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Major Broadcast

Perfume – “E Do’s Press Conference Confession” & “Ye Rin Leaves E Do”

Although he had a script to follow, E Do expresses his love toward Ye Rin in front of journalists. With this announcement, E Do visits Ye Rin and checks their affections toward each other. E Do, however, asks Ye Rin to wait for him as his confession during the press conference was rather crude and unorganized.

The love triangle between E Do, Ye Rin, and Min Suk is gaining even more attention. To save E Do and Min Suk’s reputations, Ye Rin tells the media that she had played them both. After finding out about E Do’s tragic childhood, Ye Rin decides to leave E Do as she realizes she isn’t fit to be E Do’s woman.

    • EP.17: 4%
    • EP.18: 5%

Partners for Justice 2 – “Survival Function” & “Running out of Time”

Cheol could not save the kidnapper, and now the NFS and prosecution have lost their only chance of finding Seo Hyun. Beom, however, wants to perform an autopsy to find out where Seo Hyun is. Even with a thorough autopsy, the clues don’t seem to add up to a definite answer.

The NFS and prosecution are able to narrow down the area. Even with this information, they don’t have enough time to search every building in the vicinity. Through blood analysis, the NFS finds out he worked at a chromium plating factory. Thus, the police start to search for the chromium factories in the area.

    • EP.17: 5.9%
    • EP.18: 8.5%

Home for Summer – Jun Ho Moves Out

Sang Mi says that she will get an abortion unless Jun Ho doesn’t divorce Geum Hui. Jun Ho tells Geum Hui that he can’t give up on the baby and moves out. Geum Hui gets to upset and disappointed in Jun Ho. Meanwhile, Geum Ju is so happy that she has got a role in a drama.

  • EP.45: 18.0%

A Place in the Sun – I Know You’re Yoo Wol

Shi Wol is devastated as plans unravel to go down in a spiral. The reason she married Kwang Il and put up with everything in the Choi family is about to go to waste. In despair, Shi Wol admits to herself that she knows who Tae Yang is. She knows it’s Yoo Wol.

  • EP.20: 11.4%

Blessing of the Sea – Goodbye, Yongwang-ri

Everyone is shocked to hear that Seo Pil Doo is back alive. Ji Na manages to take Yeol Mae home safely. Meanwhile, Hak Gyu adamantly tells Chung Yi to leave him and Yongwang-ri.

  • EP.112: 5.8%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 60: The Acting President

While driving with his family, Park Mu-jin sees that the unthinkable has happened at the National Assembly and soon finds his life turning upside down.

    • EP.01: 3.383%

The Wind Blows – Becoming a Family Again

As Do Hun regains his lucidity, Su Jin decides that he should be at home. She takes care of Do Hun and her daughter, all while continuing to work. This causes the people around her to worry, but Su Jin says she cannot let Do Hun go.

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