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Mother of Mine – All Men are Alike & Everyone is Searching for the Long-Lost Daughter

Mi Ri goes to meet her biological mother’s uncle’s family and is saddened by the state of their lives. In Suk tells Tae Ju that he shouldn’t go looking for her biological daughter. Mi Ri and Mi Sun finally see each other for the first time since the wedding. Meanwhile, Mi Hye speaks with her mom about why she couldn’t marry Jae Bum. Mi Sun says Mi Hye would be better off not marrying at all.

As Na Hye Mi continues to dig for information about In Suk’s daughter, Chairman Han calls In Suk’s brother into his office to get an update about the hidden daughter as well. In Suk and her brother, who had been feeding Chairman Han false information all along, feel like they have nowhere else to hide. With Tae Ju on the search for Seung Yeon as well, it now seems as though everyone is closing in on who Kang Seung Yeon actually is.

  • EP.69: 29.5%
  • EP.70: 25.0%

Doctor John – A 0.00001 Percent Hope & Si Young’s Comeback to the Hospital

Yo Han and Si Young think that Inmate 5353 is suffering from Fabry disease. Si Young tells Yoo Joon that the patient has Fabry disease, but Yoo Joon tells her there are only 100 people in the whole country who have the disease. Meanwhile, Si Young gets to know why Yo Han was imprisoned.

Yo Han is sure that Jung Bo’s is suffering from Fabry disease, and he suggests to Si Young that she should run an enzyme test for the last time. Si Young goes to Kyungwon Hospital again, but Jung Bo is nowhere to be found all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Tae Kyung announces Si Young’s comeback to the hospital.

    • EP.03: 7.0%
    • EP.04: 10.1%

Golden Garden – Dong Joo Gets Fired & Dong Joo and Sabina Meet for the first time

While Sabina takes a lavish bath in preparation for her birthday, Dong Joo gets fired from the hospital. It’s Dong Joo’s birthday too and her day couldn’t get any worse. When she gets home, she finds out her roommate, Mi Joo, has been paying their rent with the room’s deposit. Worried about getting kicked out onto the street, Dong Joo joins Mi Joo for a dance gig at a hotel.

In a series of wild events, Dong Joo and Sabina meet for the first time. When Dong Joo tells Sabina her name, Sabina takes notice. Meanwhile, Choi Joon Ki proposes marriage to Sabina, and Mi Joo realizes she left the bag full of cash in the taxi.

Golden Garden – The Nightmares & The VIP Event

Sabina and Dong Joo both have nightmares about their childhood after seeing each other for the first time. Sabina thinks that Dong Joo is for sure her abandoned twin sister, and Dong Joo is certain that Sabina might know something about her past. Later, to her surprise, Dong Joo gets hired as Pil Seung’s caretaker, while Sung Wook catches a glimpse of someone who looks like his runaway wife.

Mi Joo contacts the taxi driver about the bag of money she left in his car. She tells Dong Joo to find him and to get the bag while she goes into hiding. Meanwhile, during I and K Group’s VIP Event, Sung Wook, the taxi driver, approaches Sabina.


Watcher – Bribery Ledger

The organ trafficking case ends bittersweet as Prosecutor Lee dies and Chi Gwang hands over the case to Hae Ryong. All of a sudden, Kim Jae Myung asks his son, Young Goon, to visit. During their reunion in prison, Jae Myung gives Young Goon a tip for a new case regarding a company’s bribery ledger.

Hotel Del Luna – In a Dream

Chan Seong sees a woman in his dream, and the woman looks like Man Weol. Chan Seong wants to know about the history of Hotel Del Luna and Man Weol’s past, but the staff at the hotel wouldn’t tell him. Meanwhile, a dead soul that committed suicide by leaping from the overpass shows up in front of Chan Seong.

    • EP.03: 8.281%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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