Drama Rating July 21st 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – Discovering Truths & Tae Ju’s Search

Mi Ri discovers why her biological mother had to leave her behind when she married into HS group. Meanwhile, Tae Ju starts to search for other people related to In Suk’s daughter in his quest to find her. At the publishing company, Mi Hye takes matters into her own hands and forces Woo Jin to talk about his feelings towards her.

As Mi Hye declares to go on a hunger strike, Sun Ja gathers her two older daughters to discuss the matter as a family. Meanwhile, Tae Ju continues his search of In Suk’s daughter, Seung Yeon. He even goes out of town, to find out more about In Suk’s past. He follows a lead back to Seoul and finds himself at the doorsteps of a very familiar place.

  • EP.71: 32.6%
  • EP.72: 26.8%


Watcher – The Favorable Side

Tae Joo goes against Chi Gwang’s plan and helps the chairman of Muil to get a favor. As soon as the chairman doesn’t give what she demanded, she takes the more favorable side. While Si Young goes to the hospital to check if Sang Do is dead, he falls for Chi Gwang’s trap and gets arrested.

Hotel Del Luna – Room 13

Man Weol tells Chan Seong to take good care of her. As Man Weol opens her heart to Chan Seong, new leaves start to sprout from the Moon Tree. Such a change agitates Man Weol and the staff of the hotel. They start to think everything has begun to change after Chan Seong joined the hotel. Meanwhile, the door to Room 13 is finally opened.

    • EP.04: 7.736%

Source: AGB Nielson

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