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Perfume – Jae Hee Disappears & Miraculous Perfume

After regaining her consciousness, Jae Hee runs away from E Do. Although E Do is disappointed and angry by the fact that Jae Hee has been lying to him all this time, he still misses Jae
Hee. Meanwhile, Soo Yun plans to upload the video of Ye Rin’s body change online. Will Jae Hee be able to come back as Ye Rin on the runway?

E Do finds out how the perfume works and that Jae Hee may die soon. He decides to create an identical perfume and starts to look into the ingredients and what method is used to make
the perfume. Soon he realizes that he was the one who got the perfume made 20 years ago. Meanwhile, police officers come to Tae Joon’s house to arrest him.

    • EP.29: 4.4%
    • EP.30: 5.2%

Home for Summer – The Decision on Yeo Reum’s Adoption

Because Geum Hui had lied about her divorce and the fact that she’s getting a divorce, an emergency meeting is held at the adoption center regarding Yeo Reum’s adoption. Sang Mi tells Dae Seong to go to the center to find out the details.

A Place in the Sun – Who am I?

Kwang Il confronts Tae Yang to ask whether he has a grudge against Yangji Group. Tae Yang says Kwang Il should figure it out for himself and declares that he will get payback. However, when Tae Yang meets Shi Wol to discuss business, his heart gets the best of him and he lets Shi Wol get her way. Meanwhile, Tae Joon looks into Tae Yang’s true identity.

  • EP.35: 10.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Governance

Han Ju-seung returns to the Blue House, Na-gyeong divulges a troubling detail to Han-mo, and Yun Chan-gyeong threatens Park Mu-jin with impeachment.

    • EP.07: 4.057%

At Eighteen – The Nameless Kid, Choi Jun Woo

Choi Jun Woo is a new transfer student at Cheon Bong High School. He has no interest in school life, because of some trauma he experienced at his previous school. On Jun Woo’s first day at school, the class president, Hwi Young, greets Jun Woo like a gentleman. However, things take a turn for the worse when Jun Woo becomes involved in an unfortunate incident.

    • EP.01: 3.009%

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