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Perfume – Dreams Come True & Ye Rin Disappears

Ye Rin wakes up, and she and E Do share their memories of 20 years ago. World Fashion Week is held as planned. Before the show begins, Tae Joon sneaks in the backstage and breaks the perfume bottle in front of Ye Rin. However, he soon gets arrested by the police. And Jin Kyung and Ye Rin finally walk on the runway.

After the fashion show, E Do waits for Ye Rin on the runway with a ring, but she never shows up. E Do soon realizes that she has disappeared. One year later, E Do still works hard, pretending he is all right. However, on his birthday, a letter is delivered to him. The letter was sent from Ye Rin one year ago.

  • EP.31: 4.6%
  • EP.32: 5.9%

Partners for Justice 2 – Ji Han in Danger & Fake Snake Venom

Ji Han goes to Beolgyo, but he gets attacked by Doctor K. However, in order to stop the investigation into Doctor K, Dae Cheol orders Sol and the other officers, who want to rescue Ji Han, to keep investigating the case of Ahn Ji Hye. Meanwhile, Ji Han manages to get away from Doctor K and finds out what happened to Cheol’s mother in the past.

Beom finds out that Kim Young Soo was murdered by someone, and not by snake venom. He shares his findings with the panels of the disciplinary committee for Ji Han. Meanwhile, Sol manages to find evidence that could prove Kang Jun Seo’s drug use.

  • EP.29: 7.1%
  • EP.30: 9.5%

Home for Summer – Sang Mi’s Revenge

Geum Hui hears that she has been disqualified for the adoption. She goes to the adoption center with her mom and finds out that there is nothing they can do to change the court’s decision. Geum Hui must send Yeo Reum back. Meanwhile, Sang Won discovers that it was Sang Mi who tipped off the adoption center.

A Place in the Sun – Shi Wol Never Forgot

Tae Yang is hurt by Chairman Jang’s harsh words and pays a visit to the orphanage. He finds out that Shi Wol had been coming to volunteer at the orphanage for many years. Meanwhile, Tae Joon contacts Tae Yang and asks to meet. For the first time in several years, Shi Wol takes Ji Min to the orphanage to do some volunteer work.

  • EP.36: 10.9%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Doubt

Yeong-jin thinks he’s found his candidate. Na-gyeong uncovers footage implicating Yeong-seok and urges Han-mo to brief Park Mu-jin before it’s too late.

    • EP.08: 4.172%

At Eighteen – A Moment I Want to Run Away

Jun Woo becomes the prime suspect of a theft. Everyone seems to think it was his doing, because he of his reputation from his previous school. A part of him wants to run away from this, but another part of him is angry at himself for not facing the false accusations directly. Hwi Young keeps pushing Jun Woo into a corner while Soo Bin reaches out as if she were telling him to stay.

    • EP.02: 2.4%

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