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Justice – The Missing Girls & Who Killed My Brother?

Tae Kyung finds it odd how his brother’s death and Yang Chul Ki are related in a different alignment of what he knows of. He demands Woo Yong to tell him the truth about his brother’s death. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah faces another murder of someone from Jang Entertainment. She sets off to find how it’s related to the case from seven years ago.

Woo Yong asks Tae Kyung to take a case on workers from Jungjin. Some workers from Jungjin Group had gone blind after working at a methanol factory. Tae Kyung finds it strange for Woo Yong to ask him to take such a case. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah digs into a case of missing actresses over the span of seven years. Could it all be related to Choi Soo Jeong’s murder case?

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Song Sa-hui tells Hae-ryung that she can take care of herself. Min U-won proposes to teach the recruits after they’re browbeaten by ladies-in-waiting.

Doctor Detective – The Unidentified Caller & Video Evidence

Joong Eun almost gets run over by a car, and Min Ki gets out of police custody. They jump right back on the asthma case and start to snoop around the bakery, hoping to find evidence. Meanwhile, Joong Eun gets a text message from an unidentified caller with intel that could help solve the case.

Joong Eun manages to get the bakery shut down and the owner arrested for sexual violence, leaving the asthma case on hold. However, a USB containing video evidence of the metro accident killing Jung Ha Rang falls into her hands. With new conflicting intel, Joong Eun pursues TL’s cover-up and starts to investigate their facilities in Namil. Joong Eun pursues TL’s cover-up and starts to investigate their facilities in Namil. Joong Eun pursues TL’s cover-up and starts to investigate their facilities in Namil.

    • EP.07: 5.0%
    • EP.08: 5.1%

Home for Summer –  Single Parent

Geum Hui decides to adopt and raise Yeo Reum as a single parent, and she wants to get the divorce done as soon as possible. Also, she is back to work again at Sang Won’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Myeong Ja goes to the spa where Sang Mi and Gyeong Ae are also there, and she overhears a shocking truth.

A Place in the Sun – Kwang Il’s New Beginning

Kwang Il is told about Tae Yang’s real identity. He’s Kim Yoo Wol who used to be a rookie accountant. It brings back old memories of years ago and he feels betrayed from Shi Wol. Fuming with anger, he heads back home to only see his son chatting with Tae Yang in a friendly manner.

  • EP.38: 11.8%


Search: WWW – Defending Justice

Barro and Unicon are both facing a crisis because the government is trying to legalize the surveillance of civilians. Baro thinks it is their duty to protect their users and is going to report the government’s new policy. However, Unicon doesn’t seem to stand with Barro, so Ta Mi tries to persuade Ga Gyeong. Meanwhile, Ta Mi realizes that she can’t live without Morgan, but she finds out that he is gone for Australia.

    • EP.16 END: 4.199%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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