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Major Broadcast

Justice – Deal Between Chul Ki & Tae Kyung & Tae Ju’s cellphone

Woo Yong gives money and flight tickets for Chul Ki and his family so that they can leave the country. On his way back home with the money and flight tickets, Chul Ki runs into Tae Kyung who has been waiting for him. Tae Kyung tells Chul Ki that he will offer more money for information about his brother’s death. Meanwhile, Yeon Ah and Dong Hyuk agree to investigate a cold case together.

Chul Ki is chased by Yeon Ah and Dong Hyuk on his way to get the money from Yong Woo. But then, Tae Kyung shows up and catch Chul Ki who has the information about Tae Ju’s death. Chul Ki tries to make a deal again, saying he has Tae Ju’s cellphone. Meanwhile, Yong Woo who keeps trying to find Chul Ki visits Tae Kyung’s office.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung sits for the examination and contends with Yi Jin’s questions about her point of view. Yi Rim tries to find the woman impersonating Maehwa.

Doctor Detective – Goodbye, Ha Rang & Investigate a Bakery

The funeral for Ha Rang is held without the autopsy being performed. His colleagues and every staff member from UDC attend the funeral to offer their condolences. Meanwhile, Min Ki who is 100 percent sure that he’ll be the new team leader gets shocked by the notice of personnel appointment.

An old man named Kim Young Han who is suffering from asthma comes to see Il Sun. The UDC members think he may have gotten the disease from his work, a bakery. Min Ki is reminded of the day when his father died a wrongful death. And he and Joong Eun start to conduct the investigation into the bakery.

    • EP.05: 4.6%
    • EP.06: 5.0%

Home for Summer – Geum Hui’s Revenge

After hearing from Sang Mi that she was the one who tipped-off the adoption center, Geum Hui tells her that she will never divorce Jun Ho. Although distraught and disheartened, Geum Hui doesn’t give up on adopting Yeo Reum. Meanwhile, Jun Ho starts to find it overly suspicious that Sang Mi would do such a thing and expedite their wedding.

A Place in the Sun – Stop Making Things Confusing

As Duk Shil visits the orphanage with her mom’s photo to find out whether she is the same Im Mi Ran from the past, Tae Joon tells Mi Ran the truth about Tae Yang. Meanwhile, Shi Wol calls Tae Yang to warn him about Tae Joon’s discovery. However, Tae Yang asks Shi Wol to stop making things confusing between them.

  • EP.37: 11.1%


Search: WWW – The Long-Awaited Victory

Barro finally beats Unicon and takes the lead in the market shares. Ta Mi and the TF team receive congratulations, but in her personal life, Ta Mi struggles with her breakup with Morgan. However, when Ta Mi hears some unexpected news about Morgan, she drops everything in a heartbeat to rush to his side. Meanwhile, the government continues to pressure both Unicon and Barro.

    • EP.15: 4.089%

Class of Lies

    • EP.03: 2.686%

Level Up

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