Drama Rating July 26th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Friday

Major Broadcast

Doctor John – Fighter Joo Hyung Woo’s Injury & Yo Han’s Decision 3 Years Ago

A mixed martial arts fighter Joo Hyung Woo gets injured during his match. Yo Han tells Hyung Woo that he needs to be treated right away if he doesn’t want to lose his sight. Many doctors in Seoul Hanse Medical Center oppose Yo Han’s reinstatement, but he comes back to the hospital thanks to Tae Kyung.

Tae Kyung warns Yo Han not to cause any trouble. Yo Han wants Si Young to stay out of Hyung Woo’s case because he doesn’t want her to get into trouble too. Si Young encounters Eun Jeong, and Eun Jeong tells Si Young what happened to Yo Han three years ago.

    • EP.05: 7.7%
    • EP.06: 12.3%

Home for Summer – Geum Hui and Yeo Reum’s Trip to the Beach

Geum Hui and Yeo Reum go to the beach and Sang Won gives a ride to them. Myeong Ja goes to Gyeong Ae and asks her if Sang Mi had a miscarriage. After a trip to the beach, Geum Hui finally tells Yeo Reum that they have to be separated for a while.


Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Source: AGB Nielson

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